Nerf Mega Centurion Technical Observations (Video)

In this video, I talked about and how some “technical things” that I noticed about the blaster so far.

0:00 Mag Removal Position
0:27 Priming Indicator
0:55 Blaster Logos
1:20 Dart Size Comparison Between new and old Mega Dart
2:20 Areas where slings or hooks can be placed to hold the blaster.
3:05 Trying out the Elite Pinpoint Sight on it.
3:25 Talking about it’s long priming a bit.
3:55 Bi-Pod discussion and how will it would work with the Centurion.
4:13 Mega Clip size comparison


6 thoughts on “Nerf Mega Centurion Technical Observations (Video)”

  1. Um….. Range test anyone, seriously, if I got a blaster with 100 foot claimed ranges, the first thing I would do is range test it. Can u please please please please range test this thing? I want to know the truth on distances, after the elite series, I’m not so sure on what this will have in store range wise. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, 100 feet flat! Oh wait that’s not gonna happen in a million years which is when nerf will get their head straight and give real range claims. Please range test this beast!


  2. Dear Basic Nerf,
    I am wondering on how you got on nerf’s PR list, did you contact them or did they contact you? If you contacted them would you mind telling me how you contacted them? Thanks very much,



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