Small Basic Nerf Media Recap of the Nerf Mega 2013 Party

Hey guys, just in case you haven’t been following my Facebook page, Twitter, or Youtube channel, here’s the media I uploaded through the night of the Nerf Mega 2013 Party.

Arriving in New Jersey, going to take the trip to New York for the party.

Meeting Mr. S in his room really quick.

Walking to the event.

Waiting in line for people to get checked into the party.

Video version of the above photo.

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At the #NerfMega party! Go #teamblue!

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When you got into the party, you were assigned to a team. Everytime someone from the team played in a game, your team got a point. The team with the most points at the end of the event got a Mega Centurion for free. I was wearing blue in anticipation for the Rapidstrike, And the blue team ended up winning!

I got a photo with some of the College Humor cast!

Vas from From From Above overview on the Elite Rapidstrike.

Dang, just look at all the Mega Darts on the floor.

A view of the Revonix 360 area. This are was the most crowded all night.

Well that’s all the photos and videos that I have up at the moment everyone. I should be able to upload more photos and videos as the weekend comes to an end. Until then, Happy Nerfing!

4 thoughts on “Small Basic Nerf Media Recap of the Nerf Mega 2013 Party”

  1. Looking forward to catching your coverage, judging from your tags only other thing you got to check out was Rebelle. How was the range as a whole? Fav blaster? Did you learn anything about ZombieStrike or ICE? Was the RS as you anticipated? How was the ammo load system and in general the R360? Did you get any release dates?


  2. Any official word on the recolors or possible accessories? I just picked up a “color splash” proton at Target in Gainesville FL. Only Two on the shelves and no other recolors were present.


    1. They weren’t spotted there, and I didn’t get any official word on it. But we did learn from the higher ups there that they are aware of the fan’s want for accessories.


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