UPDATE: Sledgeshot, ZombieStrike “Deco” appear as well, Leaked Zombiestrike Hammer Shot now official, Target Listing appears online


The leaked Hammer Shot blaster from the Zombiestrike series is pretty much official now. A listing on Target.com went up yesterday for the blaster. You can check it out here.


It’s not being sold yet, but the price on it is retailing at $14.99 USA. There’s no description of it, and we have no clue on when it’s targeted release date is. Supposedly sometime soon because the listing is already up. However it will be a Target exclusive according to the box art image. In case you need them or we can use them soon, here’s the online item number, and the DCPI number.

Online Item #: 14497493
Store Item Number (DPCI): 087-11-0348


RandomShadow09 once again comes through with more DCPI codes to the Sledgeshot and ZombieStrike “Deco”.

HammerShot – $14.99: 087-11-0348
SledgeShot – $27.99: 087-11-0349
ZombieStrike “Deco” – $9.99: 087-11-0347

10 thoughts on “UPDATE: Sledgeshot, ZombieStrike “Deco” appear as well, Leaked Zombiestrike Hammer Shot now official, Target Listing appears online”

      1. Thanks, I’m new to this nerf stuff, my kids are just now getting old enough to play with this kinda thing. Love your site BTW.


  1. Is the gun seriously held in the box with just some twine? I see empty firestrike and strongarm boxes at stores a lot, I expect these to be shoplifted a lot too.

    The box looks neat though!


  2. I’ve looked at the target site and it says “sold online only” so does that mean that the whole zombiestrike line will be sold entirely online or that tht you can only preorder it online. Because I’m really hoping that they’ll be available in-store.


    1. Hey Jake, thanks for the heads up on that. I can’t access the Target site at the moment though.

      I think you’ll probably be able to buy them at Target stores. I can’t confirm that, but based on Target’s history, Target supports Nerf quite a bit and sells lots of their latest product. If they didn’t sell this upcoming series in stores, I would be very surprised.


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