New N-Strike Elite Ammo Box appears in Philippines

Nerf Club Philippines once again comes through with some Nerf News! An “Elite version” of the ammo box has been spotted in certain Toys R Us stores there.

N-Strike Elite Ammo Box – Blue repaint of the original N-Strike Ammo Box. Holds up to 300 darts. Comes with 100 Elite darts.

MSRP: Php 2,699.75

Available now at all Toys “R” Us and Toy Kingdom branches in Metro Manila!

I never got around to buying the original ammo box, but this once is looking quite snazzy. Blue is my favorite color, and my storage methods for darts have always been iffy as a player. I use plastic bags and only one cloth bag to transport darts to games haha.

The original ammo box that came with Streamline’s suggested Retail price was $29.99 US. If this new Elite box is the same price, I feel like that’s a fair price. How much would you pay for this?

Thanks to Nerf Club Philippines once again.


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