New Zombie Strike Sledgefire, Zombie Strike Darts listed on Target Website

Box Art of the Newly Target listed Sledgefire once again has put up new listings for a never before seen Zombiestrike blaster called the “Sledgefire”. No production description is on the site, but you can check out the listing here. Once again, this is going to be a Target exclusive. Retailing for $27.99 USD.

DCPI Code for Sledgefire: 087-11-0349

Keep reading the post for a new listing on Zombiestrike Darts, as well as a bit of what the Sledgefire is, and how it actually works.

We also got a bit of confirmation on what the “Deco” listed product is. Their newly colored darts for the line as well, being sold in a pack of 30 for $9.99 USD. Once again these are a Target exclusive, check out the online listing here.

DCPI Code for Zombie Strike Deco Darts: 087-11-0347




To go back to the Sledgefire, it can fire 3 darts at once with it’s shell feature. Each “shell” appears to hold 3 shots in it, which is a better convenience over the Buzz Bee Double Shot, a blaster in which each shell only held one shot. Also looking at the line break near the middle Z logo, you can see a line break in the product. Many people are also assuming that this will prime and load in a similar way to the Double Shot.

Performance wise, 3 shots at time is pretty cool in Nerf games. Most Nerf games that I play in take either 2 or 3 shots to eliminate a player, so this could have some potential as a nice secondary. Aesthetics wise, The colors on it aren’t doing it for me. I feel like the blue could have been replaced with a darker color to compliment the “zombie” in the Zombiestrike line. The price, $27.99, is a bit too high for me though. Unless I’m getting a great performing blaster for that price or better, I don’t see myself getting this because of that price.

24 thoughts on “New Zombie Strike Sledgefire, Zombie Strike Darts listed on Target Website”

  1. I hope they sell shell refill packs, without them I find the gun useless. I agree with you on the colors though. The blue makes it seems like it’s new, not beat down like the hammershot.


    1. I noticed that too Will, could be interesting if all the zombiestrike line is hammer cocked. modifications could end up being very interesting


  2. it looks like it works like the hammershot and good thing ther using shells because i dont what to stuff them down multilp barrals


  3. i think there going to make a rifleor sniper for this line bucause they got shotgun and a pistol so a rifle and maybe make an assault rifle too


    1. That definitely makes sense. But perhaps they’ll just test the water with these first, to see how well received they are, before they start trying to make more.


  4. If they give the Sledgefire a three-round selective fire like the Triad or Barrel Break, it could fill the role of both carbing and close-quarters combat device, making it a good choice for HvZ


  5. I also think that you could potentially make a larger cartridge to fit a MEGA Dart and have a “Hand Cannon” sort of weapon, to deal with individual zombies, possibly as a stealth weapon.


    1. Interesting idea, but even in those situations, wouldn’t a normal clip system blaster be better? That way, you wouldn’t have to buy a new blaster and new ammo.


      1. I don’t really know if clip system would technically be better, as many people tend to try to force the clips into the chamber under pressure, like during a rush, and then they not only get tagged, but they can break their blaster as well.


      1. Not really, you could just cut a big enough hole to fit the MEGA Dart into the shell, and then plug the leftover hole with Green Stuff to prevent air leaks.


  6. interesting I thought for sure the zombiestrike shotgun was going to be a reshelled roughtcut, I do wish for zombiestrike to have a true boult action stripper clip style sniper rifle, and a beat down ak47 style assault rifle to be the equivalent to the stampede ecs/rapidstrike cs-18, on a related note crossbow anyone? and a bayonet tactical rail accessory, and new specialized tactical gear, I also smell a zombiestrike jolt coming as well


    1. I don’t know if NERF will want to do that, because their current use of the series and what their marketing has been seems to point this towards being a kind of stand-alone mini series, like the Light It Up series, which released only one unique blaster, the Rayven, and repainted an existing blaster, the Praxis, into a new version, the Lumitron. This is parallel with the Zombiestrike line, as it only has one unique blaster, the Sledgefire, while the Hammershot is a mainly a redeco of the already announced NERF Rebelle Wildshot.


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