San Diego Comic Con reveals New Zombie Strike Blasters & Accessories

The art displayed at the San Diego Comic Con Nerf booth, photo credit to Jet.

One of the new Zombie Strike products on display, the Strikeblade. Retail Price: $14.99 USD/Available: August 2013) Photo Credit to Naazrael.

San Diego Comic Con 2013 just happened this past week, and apparently Nerf had their new Zombie Strike line there, featuring products that hadn’t yet been revealed at the time. Before I get around to the images, I have to thank naazrael of Reddit for posting some of the photos, and also Jet with her blog Blaster By My Side. was also there on hand to get a video overview of the products on display. If your not into photos, I recommend checking the video.

The New Zombie Strike Jolt Target Set. Retail Price: $9.99 USD/Available: Spring 2014)

We get a photo of the actual physical product for the Zombie Strike Target Set. It’s a recolored/repaint Jolt, so Nerf fans with the Jolt already might want to pass to on it.

Do you see that skull design and the items in the box with the plastic see through? The skull design is a the bandanna that Nerf will be selling, and the item in the box is the Zombie Strike Starter Kit. The bandanna will be a Target exclusive, and will retail for $4.99 USD. The Zombie Strike Starter Kit comes with one Z-Bomb, one Zombie bandanna, and two Zombie Wristbands. The Zombie Strike Starter Kit retails for $14.99 USD.

These two photos thanks to Naazreal

The two photos above show off more new upcoming products. In the first one, something called “Z-Bombz” are pictured. Many people are speculating that their Nerf attempt to “replace” socks in Humans vs. Zombies. They come in about 5 different variants, what looks like a Grenade/bomb, Brick, a Sawblade a Football-like object, and a “Limited edition” grenade/bomb from the Zombie Strike Starter Kit.

Photo thanks to Jet
A photo of the Holster on display that comes with the Sidestrike. Note the N-Strike Elite logos on both the holster and Sidestrike. Did these start off as Elite products, before making their way into the Zombie Strike line?

Those are pretty much all the new products for us to see at the moment. If you want, I’ve also embedded most of Naazreal’s and Jet’s photos below on blasters that have already been revealed, but I highly recommend checking out Jet’s recap post on her blog for more info.

Sledgefire, photo credit to Naazrael

Hammer Shot, photo credit to Naazrael

The Zombie Strike Vortex Ricochet blaster, photo credit to Naazrael

The Zombie Strike Vortex Fusefire blaster, photo credit to Naazrael

A slightly closer look at the Zombie Strike darts that were given out as samples at the booth, thanks to Jet. My friend went and got some and show them to me. Like Jet has mentioned, their also exact copies of the current Elite dart.


Photos of the Z-Bomb holster. Photo credit, Jet.

Again, feel free to check out Jet’s blog Blaster by my side for more images.

9 thoughts on “San Diego Comic Con reveals New Zombie Strike Blasters & Accessories”

  1. Honestly very excited for these. Hammershot, Sledgefire were awesome, now we have foam Machetes, bricks, and sawblades? Count me in, all the way…until 2014. Well, I’ll get the Crossfire too, but that’s it.


  2. I hope the sidestrike, crossfire and this new n force stuff becomes elite. It’s not fair how they were supposed to be elite!


  3. I would think that the best way to capitalize on Zombiestrike would be to get the Hammershot, Sledgefire, and Strikeblade; then stop.

    And Kyle: Just you wait- Crossfire and Sidestrike will definetly go Elite, and if they don’t, just think of them as repurposed military weapons found by survivors after a failed quarantine attempt, repainted to be more “personalized”.

    Besides, isn’t N-Strike Elite the NERF world’s SEAL teams? Who better to contain an outbreak of foam-vulnerable undead than them?


  4. Think about it. The N-Strike Elite teams could back up N-Strike, who act as the NERF world’s law enforcement or SWAT teams.

    The Crossfire and Sidestrike could be experimental weapons, and be carried by the most experienced Elite operatives. Once the quarantine failed, only those operatives would survive.

    They could join up with local survivors, who scratch-built many of their weapons, which explains the styling and features of the Hammershot, Sledgefire, and Strikeblade. The Vantage repaint can also fit the “experimental weapons” idea used for the Crossfire and Sidestrike.

    Doesn’t this sound like a good backstory?


  5. Even the Vortex line fits in here! The Vortex troops are “blacker than black” armed with powerful weapons and funded by a conglomerate of various national intelligence agencies, like the CIA, MI6, and other groups.

    They could be called in to enact a cover-up, with orders to let nothing, human or undead, escape the infected areas. Guns like the Fusefire, Ripshot, and Ricochet could be prototypes or modified designs made to deal with undead in close quarters.

    These designs could work in conjunction with longer ranged or shotgun-type blasters like the Praxis, Pyragon, or even the Nitron.

    Anyone else have this idea?


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