Elite Color Packaged Suction Darts spotted at Walmart (Photo)


I ran into a bit of surprise a few days ago. While out and about a few days ago looking for the Rapidstrike, I ran into these at Walmart. They the normal suction darts, but their packaging is re branded colored with the Elite colors. The darts look like the same normal suction darts, and they felt like the same type of phone through the plastic package. Although I mostly buy Elite darts now a days, it’s nice to see that Nerf is still keeping the Suction Dart alive.



4 thoughts on “Elite Color Packaged Suction Darts spotted at Walmart (Photo)”

  1. Look again. They aren’t Elite branded, they are N-Strike branded, just with the Elite colors. Just like the repaints of the Jolt, Barrel Break, and Reflex.


    1. Whoops, your right about that Matt! I also recognized that when I saw them and when I was looking at the photos, don’t know why I typed “Rebranded” when I also recognized that.

      I think the color scheme to connect products between lines is working on me haha.


  2. Pocket would be proud to see suction darts :) it is the N-Strike logo not Elite, the packaging just has the colour scheme of Elite. I thought they were maybe pushing the N-Steike vs Elite campaign in the States before closer inspection.


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