Target Website puts up Nerf Rebelle Item Listings, DPCI Codes

The box art for the Rebelle Vision Gear

Heads up to shoppers at Target, they recently put up web listings for 8 upcoming Nerf Rebelle products. They’ve all been revealed by Nerf outlets and fan sites before, but it’s nice to see some new box art and product shots of some of the lesser known things, such as the Rebelle Vision Gear above.

Some of these items also have product descriptions (Sweet Revenge Kit, Dart Diva Bag, Dart Refill Pack, Pink Crush, Power Pair Pack) they all start off with “Who says’s you can’t…”. I find that pretty interesting.

A product shot of the Rebelle Dart Diva Bag

Now none of these items are actually out in Targets yet. Some of the listings say that the product will be out in 2-4 weeks, so I guess that’s when we should be seeing them stores. You can view the listings, and DPCI numbers, below.

Rebelle Crossbow $24.99 DPCI# 086-08-0252
Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow (Phoenix) $24.99, DCPI# 086-08-0272
Nerf Rebelle Sweet Revenge Kit $19.99, DPCI# 086-08-0273
Dart Diva Bag $14.99, DPCI# 242-21-4269
Rebelle Power Pair Pack $12.99, DPCI# 086-08-0280
Rebelle Pink Crush $9.99, DPCI# 086-08-0255
Rebelle Vision Gear $6.99, DPCI# 242-21-4285
Rebelle Dart Refill Pack (12 Darts) for $6.99, DCPI# 086-08-0278


5 thoughts on “Target Website puts up Nerf Rebelle Item Listings, DPCI Codes”

  1. Safety glasses, that the model is shown wearing in her hair, because this would totally protect your eyes form 70 fps darts.


  2. Hey therealnerfJoker here and I got some Rebelle guns yesterday at local toys r us! They are a blast, check out my vids on YouTube, just search therealnerfjoker.


  3. I’ve found that trading card deck boxes work best for holding loose darts – good size for 12-20 depending on the size and how tight you pack them. I usually carry my backpack and it has a velcro part on the strap, so I can use the velcro that usually seals the deck box lid and attach it to my bag – a makeshift bandolier :P


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