FinalCutKing – The Candy Cartels (Foam Film)

Nerf War with the Candy Cartels! This is no regular Nerf Gun Battle, this is a nerf fight with the Candy Cartels! Thanks for sharing this video! Since we are on a roadtrip around the USA, 90% of this video was created in a moving car and the other 10% was done in fast food restaurants.

Haha, I’ve never drawn the connection between a drug cartel and candy, but they pull it off fairly well here. If your into good camera work and effects, then you’ll like this latest Foam Film from FinalCutKing of youtube.


2 thoughts on “FinalCutKing – The Candy Cartels (Foam Film)”

  1. Hahaha this was soooooo funy I couldn’t stop laughing!!!! Anywho basic nerf I just have this nagging question in the back of my mind…Could you do an inventory of your nerf guns for us


    1. Glad you liked the video!

      I would like to do another inventory update, but Nerf is releasing so much product this year especially in the Fall as well. I would rather wait a few more months, see how many more Nerf products I get, and then make an inventory update video rather then do one at the moment.

      Also half of my collection is in storage, and it takes time to get to them while find a place to lay them out on. In the meantime, you can check out my last inventory update video from June 2012 if you would like.


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