Nerfcast Episode 19: Rapid-Redux

Josh and Shawn talk about their experiences and thoughts on the Rapidstrike at it’s first full game.

Bay Area Nerf is back with episode 19 of their podcast, in which they talk about their experiences running the Rapidstrike, and observations, at it’s first Nerf event with them. 3/5ths of it are spent talking about it’s positives, negatives, strategies, experiences, and observations with it. The other 2/5ths talk about some new accessories and sort of Nerf’s philosophy with them. This podcast has a lot of info, so I recommend a second listen if you have the time.


9 thoughts on “Nerfcast Episode 19: Rapid-Redux”

  1. Hey I was just wondering but does anyone know how to remove krylon spray paint from an elite rayven…yeah…I sorta accidentally sprayed my rayven…Derp moment…*sigh* so if anyone here could like find a video on how to remove the paint I’d be very happy ;)


    1. Interesting idea Jereme. But White Glow Elite Darts are a bit few and far in between most people’s dart collection. If I’m not mistaken, they cost more then normal Elite darts well. If your trying to change your ammo type just to accommodate a few different mags, then I think you should just focus on changing the mags instead.


  2. Hey basic nerf. I was just wondering if the only mods you have done to your rayven are vtage mods? If so could you tell me how well it works and does it affect dart and blaster preformence in any negative way? Thanks ;)


    1. Correct, the only mod I’ve done to my Rayvens (both the N-Strike and N-Strike Elite version) are simply increasing the voltage. They are a very easy mod to increase range. I ran both those Rayvens around 12v, and didn’t have negative performance with the darts or blasters. Perhaps the occasional swerving dart, since your putting more power behind them, but then again their Nerf darts, not stefans.


  3. Hey basic nerf I was wondering what the rapidstrike would look like with a masterkey on it. Do you think you could take a picture of its s upload it?


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