Toys R Us Nerf Rebelle Exclusive – Golden Edge Bow


Toys R Us has put up an online listing for an exclusive new Rebelle item, the Golden Edge Bow. It’s a recolor of the Heartbreaker “Phoenix and Vine bows. The online listing also claims that it comes with 5 unique Golden Edge darts.

My initial thought is that this item is pretty dang bright on the eyes, but I’m glad that their giving everyone more color options for people to buy. More options is almost always nice. Product description and another image below.

You’re the guardian angel when you take aim with the Nerf Rebelle Golden Edge Bow! Load your rapid-firing crossbow and watch the golden wings on its bow arms flex as it fires darts up to 75 feet. Just pull the string back to flex your angelic wings. When the green indicator shows, release the string to launch your Golden Edge dart at the included target with pose and power! Keep track of your darts in the removable dart storage accessory. You’ll get fast-flying dart action and quick, bold blasting with the Golden Edge bow!

Includes Golden Edge bow, 5 Golden Edge darts, dart storage accessory, target and instructions.


Original Toys R Us online listing.

Thanks to MyLastDart for the heads up.


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