Amazon puts up Deal Listing for New Elite Ammo Box & 100 Darts

81dKKnE9AHL._SL1500_ has recently put up a listing for the NEW Elite Ammo box, which also comes with 100 Darts & two 6 Dart Elite ammo mags. The normal listing price is $39.99 USD, but at the moment it’s being sold for $35.58 USD, and the deal includes free shipping! The production description mentions that it can hold up to 300 darts. The description also doesn’t mention that it comes with the two Elite 6 dart ammo mags, but one of the product photos shows it. Also previous buyers from other parts of the world have said that it does indeed include the 2 six dart mags.

Ammo Box holds up to 300 Elite Darts
Elite Darts work with all N-Strike Elite blasters and most original N-Strike blasters
Comes with 100 Elite Darts

Load up for big-time battles with this huge-capacity Ammo Box. It comes with 100 Elite Darts for your arsenal, but it can hold up to 200 more. Get the Ammo Box and be the best-armed battler in the field.


If you don’t have a decent dart storage option, I would suggest getting this via online, or if you see it in stores. If your a casual Nerfer, then you might not even have 300 darts. Look at your Nerf lifestyle, and make your purchases accordingly.


2 thoughts on “Amazon puts up Deal Listing for New Elite Ammo Box & 100 Darts”

  1. you can get it for 20 bucks currently ($25 on rrp) at kmart in australia. pretty much the only way hasbro hasn’t screwed us over royally here.


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