Amazon listing for Nerf Mega Series Magnus blaster Updated with Box Art Photo


I’ve been trying to keep tabs on this blaster in hopes for new information coming out sooner then later. The listing for the Mega Series Magnus has been updated to include a new box art photo (which is pictured above), as well as a product shot of the item. The description is still the same as before, although it’s nice to have more photos of this blaster online.

The second added photo of the blaster from the Amazon listing.


5 thoughts on “Amazon listing for Nerf Mega Series Magnus blaster Updated with Box Art Photo”

  1. Too ad they only show the front. The back might give some hints to what else in the Mega line is coming out.(Like the Tec vest had the Firestrike)


  2. The context of the standard “kid holding it” picture makes me feel like this is going to be a VERY nice sidearm, at least so far as pistol rounds are concerned, having what I would assume to be GREAT stock range, a larger capacity than most other blasters considered to be pistols, and what appears to be a fast-load port on the top of the slide, meaning it should be very easy to constant-feed it with more darts while taking aimed shots.


  3. Hi, I need a new side arm / secondary and was wondering if the mega Magnus could be just that! Though, I want to know other people’s thoughts on this and yours basic nerf.


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