Google Patent Reveals Hidden Nerf Elite Firestrike Feature, Dual Wielding

A Photo from the NIC’s latest Nerf Google Patent Discovery

This is news to me, and I’ve never personally seen anyone online mention the Firestrike having this feature, until now. Thanks to Awesomely Nerf and a fan reader of his, they have recently discovered why the Firestrike has a nub/tab at the bottom of the handle.

According to this Google Patent, the tab is actually meant to hook into another Firestrike in order to prime it more easily. You can see it on the patent image above, in the Google Patent itself, or being done my Awesomely Nerf in his photos below.

Step 1

DSC_0021 (1)
Step 2

21 thoughts on “Google Patent Reveals Hidden Nerf Elite Firestrike Feature, Dual Wielding”

  1. Is the brass barreled Firestrike yours?, I gotta new Firestrike that is Single spring, 11Kg’s 100+ flat and easy to draw, you might like it!


  2. I must admit, a friend of mine showed me this trick with a Firestrike a while ago. I basically shot him down saying it was dumb. Why would Hasbro make it easy to re-prime a single shot blaster when dual wielding? How does one reload?

    Turns out he was right and an apology is on it’s way to him.

    Now someone needs to work out how to reload without using their hands and this is a really feasible technique.

    It is also worth noting (although I believe it has already been documented) that this feature also exists on the Strongarm where it much more useful.


      1. I found that, too; just pull the priming handle with your third and fourth fingers on the opposite hand, so you can still hold on with your other fingers; then repeat with the other Triad.

        Plus, two Triads are much smaller than two Firestrikes, and, of course, you don’t have to reload after every shot.


  3. Umm…. This works on the strongarm too. I think people have known this since the firestrike and strongarm came out. I guess this is PROOF it was meant to be like this, not just guessing.


  4. I knew about this ever since it came out. I don’t have one, but I have dual-wielded Nitefinders and it seems pretty easy already to prime it without needing to use the tab. The tab actually seems as if it would be more hindering than helpful.


  5. This also works for the Strongarm and using the tab in the button to hook unto the front of the cocking mechanism of another strong arm.


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