Target puts up Buzz Bee Extreme Mag 6 listing, Possible New Blaster?

The photo of the Extreme Mag 6 Target listing

The Target website has recently put up a listing for a new Buzz Bee Blaster called the “Extreme Mag 6”. It’s part of Buzz Bee’s new “Extreme” line, in which they claim up to around 60 feet ranges now. This blaster is being sold for $9.99.

However, looking back at the Buzz Bee Air Max 6 that came back earlier in the year, it pretty much very looks the same as this Extreme Mag 6 above. I haven’t seen either of them in person before, so I can only speculate at the moment.

The photo below is of the Extreme Air Max 6. Again, it looks very much like this “new” Extreme Mag 6 blaster. It wouldn’t be the first time Buzz Bee has renamed a blaster of theirs.



3 thoughts on “Target puts up Buzz Bee Extreme Mag 6 listing, Possible New Blaster?”

  1. First thing I notice is this:

    “Includes 6 FOAM DARTS”

    Now look at the AM6 box art. “Includes 6 EXTREME DARTS”. It’s already established that Buzzbee does not use the term “foam dart” generically in this case – rather, it’s analogous to “Elite dart” or “Sonic dart”. Foam Darts are standard old-style Buzzbee darts, Extreme Darts have a weird EVA foam and are designed as part of a system with these Extreme series guns.

    Also, look at the cylinder, both side view and the front view with that little kid shooting. The barrels have been redesigned substantially. The tip (purple, indicating a regular Foam Dart) of the dart now fits inside the muzzle of each barrel.

    I suspect this is a rework of the AM6 with a more efficient and foam-friendly barrel to use regular PE foam darts.


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