Upcoming Spring 2014 Super Soaker line spotted on Target Website, Images, Product Descriptions, Prices Inside

New Super Soakers
Screen cap & info thanks to Buff Daddy Nerf

Thanks to the heads up of Buff Daddy Nerf and the Target website, we now have images, prices, and product descriptions for the upcoming Spring 2014 Super Soaker line. The designs seem to have taken a step back in terms of visual quality. These also still seem to be piston powered instead of the older, farther firing air/pressure powered Super Soakers. Hit the jump to see info on these 5 new Super Soakers.



Nerf Super Soaker Tri Strike Crossbow Soaker

Soak like a champ with this incredibly versatile Tri Strike Crossbow soaker! It’s shaped like a crossbow and its arms deploy for 2 different modes of soakage. When the arms are in, you can fire a single stream of water at targets up to 38 feet away! But if you’re going for a bigger soaking at closer range, deploy the arms for a triple stream of water! This large-capacity soaker holds up to 40 ounces of water, so you’ll be the top drencher with the Tri Strike Crossbow!

$24.99 USD at Target. Target DPCI Number: 091-12-0029



Nerf Super Soaker Barrage Soaker

Soak like a champ with this huge-capacity Barrage soaker! This big drencher can hold up to 84 ounces of water, and it’s easy to pump and fire. Turn the nozzle to one of 3 soaking modes so you can choose just how to soak your target. You’ll get a huge stream in Flood mode, or the ability to hit multiple targets in Scatter mode. But if you need to hit targets up to 38 feet away, it’s Distance mode you want! Nobody will stand against you when you come armed with the Barrage soaker!

Target Price $19.99 USD. Target DCPI Number 091-12-0025



Nerf Super Soaker Freezefire Blaster

Beat the heat with the freezing blasts of the Freezefire soaker! This powerful soaker lets you freeze your friends with ice-cold blasts of water. The Freezefire soaker’s tank has a large 23-fluid-ounce capacity and a large enough opening so you can add ice cubes for a super-chilled soak. Freeze your friends from up to 38 feet away and put the competition on ice with the Freezefire soaker!

Target Price $9.99. DPCI Number: 091-12-0023



Nerf Super Soaker Hydrostorm Blaster

Launch a motorized water assault from up to 30 feet away with the Hydrostorm blaster! There’s no need to pump this blaster, just power up the motor and pull the trigger. Just fill the 25-ounce tank, then keep pulling the trigger as long as the water holds out! The soakage will be non-stop with the Hydrostorm blaster!

Nerf and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.
• Motorized water blaster lets you soak your target
• Blaster launches a stream of water as long as you keep pulling the trigger
• Blast from up to 30 feet away
• Holds 25 ounces of water

Target Price $19.99 USD. DPCI Number: 091-12-0026



Nerf Super Soaker Double Drench Blaster

Drench your target with a pump-action water attack from up to 30 feet away with the Double Drench blaster! This double-barreled blaster fires 6 streams of water every time you pull the trigger. Just fill the 27-ounce tank, then fire for a big-time soaking. No opponent has a chance of staying dry while you’re armed with the Double Drench blaster!

Target Price $14.99. DPCI Number: 091-12-0024

10 thoughts on “Upcoming Spring 2014 Super Soaker line spotted on Target Website, Images, Product Descriptions, Prices Inside”

  1. Looks like they are completely abandoning the previous water clip line and going with cheaper designs. Not really happy about that at all.


    1. Perhaps they’ll bring them back in the future?

      As for the present, I guess we should go buy some clip/mag system Super Soakers then if you want to enjoy them in the near future.


  2. They look awfully flimsy… Unless there’s a whole lot of bracing inside the water chambers, I don’t know how well they will hold up.


  3. Good lord, just put the Super Soaker brand out of it’s misery, I can’t bear to see it like this.

    An utterly pathetic new annual product range from Hasbro, even by modern Super Soaker standards. They really seem to have given up.

    At least in past years they created some genuinely innovative expandable water gear like the ammo clip system and universal add-on reservoir tank, but they’re still a waste of potential being attached to such weak blasters.

    Imagine how cool a modern CPS/Monster class blaster would be with the following:
    – detachable ammo clip-style tank.
    – optional backpack reservoir expandability.
    – tactical rails & attachments.
    – a manual tracked pump + motorized bladder pump like the Water Warriors Scorpion in 2006.
    – rear-mounted mini LCD panel that displays water remaining, current nozzle setting, pressure level gauge and estimated shot time.


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