Introducing Nerf’s Newest Accessory, the Mobile Mission P.A.K.


Nerf has recently released a new accessory of their, called the Mobile Mission P.A.K. Thanks to Bay Area Nerf, we now have images of as to what this product is. It was spotted in the Bay Area of California being sold in Toys R Us for $14.99. According to BURN, it features a briefcase design, as well as a handle and shoulder strap. It unzips and is meant to hold pistol sized blasters. The main product description is in italics quotes below.

Precision Action Kit to Store and transport the equipment needed for any mission.

The quoted lines below are from the source Bay Area Nerf page. I’m just directly quoting them because I feel like they covered all the basics of the item quickly.


So, we’re unsure of how much larger we can go. The top of the case has some netting to allow you to hold ammo, or other accessories (we’re thinking a stock would be nice). Unsure as of yet, exactly how many magazines we can pack in here (get it? P.A.K.?!), but it looks to be the size of the Range P.A.K. so we believe you should be able to fit in some 12rnds no problem. In fact, in a stroke of genius, Perpetual Play apparently had this in mind:


That’s right! You’re be able to attach the Range P.A.K. to the Mobile Mission P.A.K.! In fact it looks like you’ll be able to attach more than one, so you could carry a LOT of ammo potentially (now if only they’d sell us 12rnd magazines individually…). Unlike the Firestrike, this is actually billed as a feature and advertised on the packaging. Sure we probably would have figured it out, but it’s nice to see it there, letting people know a head of time that this will work with something they may have already purchased, or will purchase knowing they are compatible.

I personally just stick to bags of other use to carry my Nerf items, but it is nice to see another carrying option out there made by Nerf. The cross item compatibly is also a nice welcome, and the price is quite fair. In my situations, I need bigger bags to carry more things though. But other then that, this seems like a solid carrying or transport option to games.


6 thoughts on “Introducing Nerf’s Newest Accessory, the Mobile Mission P.A.K.”

    1. You won’t be able to fit them in the top compartments where the 6-dart clips are located in the picture; however, you may be able to fit them in place of or alongside the blaster area where the Stryfe is in the picture.


        1. Based on the materials used, and the Stryfe, you may be able to fit a Rough Cut, but it may have to be diagonally. I can’t really tell as I don’t have one, but it seems like it might fit.


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