AgentJonnyBFilms – Nerf Humans vs. Zombies Webseries Trailer

AgentJonnyBFilms is back with a trailer for their newest webseries, coming in December.

AgentJonnyBFilms has just released a new trailer with RELEASE DATES for that Humans vs Zombies movie/webseries they’ve been working on for quite some time – if you’re familiar with his past trailers, you’ll probably really like this one! With over 120 students and MULTIPLE schools involved, looks like we’re in for a real treat this December!

You can check them out on Facebook here.


2 thoughts on “AgentJonnyBFilms – Nerf Humans vs. Zombies Webseries Trailer”

  1. Hi basic, this isn’t a question about the hvz thing, but, in Australia all elite blasters have grey triggers which means they aren’t as powerful as the blasters with orange triggers in other countries, but I recently bought a 2 pack of fire strikes to test out duel wielding, and yes they have grey triggers but the box claims 20m ranges when single packs of fire strikes in aus also have grey triggers but only claims ranged of 15m, why do they claim different ranges? And, which claim is telling the truth?


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