The 5 Best Nerf Deals from Amazon (November 2, 2013)

Amazon and the people/companies selling some Nerf items recently lowered the price on a lot of Nerf item listings. Here’s hit the jump for the top five deals in my opinion. Amazon also seems to have a lot of Nerf items eligible for free shipping if you total purchases equal $35 or more. You can check my Sales & Deals page for more good Amazon sales, or to check other store sales as well.
But keep reading below to see the top five Amazon Nerf deals at the moment.

5. Rebelle Pink Crush $5.99 ($6 off)

While a $6 single shot blaster might not seem like the most appealing in the world, I prefer to look at it as a way to check out the Rebelle line a bit. It could also be a good gift to younger friends or family you may have, or perhaps it could be that other Nerf related item you buy to put you up over that $35 quota so that you can get that free shipping. While I’ve never held, or used one, I hear it’s performance is very similar to a Firestrike. The Firestrike sells for around $9.99, so this is a little cheaper then that.

Urban Taggers-Stryfe01
4. Elite Stryfe $12.99 ($7.99 off)

While the Stryfe is commonly available, I’ve never seen it’s price go this low before. It’s a solid blaster in stock form, and it’s able to be customized with different attachments and stocks. If your into modding, you can do things like make Shotgun attachments on the blaster, increase the voltage, or replace the motors for better range. This is a very popular and effective blaster in both Nerf Wars and Humans vs. Zombies a like. If you don’t have one yet, this is a good opportunity to pick one up. And if you do have one, if could be added to your mod projects, or possibly fill in a role like a sidearm.

3. N-Strike Elite 100 Dart Refill Pack (100 Darts, 2 Clips and Ammo Box) for $26.24 ($8.75 off)

This is a fairly new item, and I don’t think any store in the USA is carrying it yet. If you do the math, your paying about 26 cents per dart in this deal. That’s a bit on the high side, but your also getting 2 6 Dart elite clips/mags, as well as the Ammo Box. I believe the ammo box is a very underrated part of this deal. In the product description, it claims that the Ammo Box holds up to 300 Elite Darts. It’s a good amount of Elite darts, I only have about 400-450 myself. Storing darts is also an important aspect of Nerfing. Storing your darts properly will help fight against deforming and wear & tear. In turn, this will help your darts perform better during games, as well as helping them last longer. The box itself isn’t look too big, so storage and transport should be easy. It’s plastic as well, so you can feel comfortable knowing that whatever you store in it isn’t going to get smashed unless it’s from excessive force.

A lot of people use pretty much any higher capacity clip/mag then the 6 dart mags, so I guess it’s just a small, nice addition to the item. However, if removing it meant lowering the item cost, I would be for it.

2. Elite 18-Dart Quick Reload Clip $8.99 ($3.00 off)

While $3 USD doesn’t seem like a lot off, or isn’t enough to mention, I feel like it is. Ever since the 18 dart mag premiered with the Stampede ECS blaster in 2010, it’s been a hot item in the Nerf Community. You can often find the solid ones being resold for a few dollars over this Elite 18 dart mag retail price, and that’s without the darts being included most of the time. The 18 dart mag is also the most commonly used mag in games where clip/mag fed blasters are used. It’s nice size allows it to easily fit into mag pouches and things like pockets. I would say that this would be a good opportunity to stock up on some if you need them, as I don’t predict it’s price to come down for a bit. Don’t forget you get 18 Elite Darts with the mag as well.

1. 75 Elite Dart Refill Pack $14.99 ($5 off)

At the end of the day, your going to need darts for your blasters. Without darts, what are your blasters going to fire? Darts get lost, torn, and worn down. You going to need to replace them, or get more to feed your blasters. This is why this is my number one deal on the list. Doing the math, your paying 20 cents per dart. Darts don’t go on sale too often, and when they do, it’s usually only for a dollar or two. This deal has knocked five dollars off the cost. I would highly recommend getting at least this 75 pack from this top five list if you had to pick one deal.

13 thoughts on “The 5 Best Nerf Deals from Amazon (November 2, 2013)”

  1. I tend to prefer 6-dart clips, actually, if I’m using something automatic or semi-auto, since it’s harder to unintentionally fire off all the darts you’re carrying if they’re divided up smaller. It also results in a more manageable blaster size, since on EVERYTHING an 18-round or even a 12-round clip sticks out a good six to ten inches.


    1. While running 6 dart clips/mags over 18s does provide some unique pros, I feel like the cons of doing that outweigh the pros of running 18s. I also feel like the pros of running 18s over 6 dart clips outweigh the 6 dart mag pros.

      If you would like a discussion/debate over it more, just let me know. I would love to hear more of your points if you have any.


      1. Sorry for replying this late– didn’t have any clue how to track wordpress replies until very, very recently.
        I actually only use clip-loaders as secondaries and tertiaries, preferring my Vulcan to them. Effectively the reason I prefer clips that are shorter is I can’t fit pouches for larger on my gear along with large enough pouches to hold a couple of extra double-length belts for my primary, and if I use larger as the first load in my secondaries I end up with a lot more awkward knocking around and damaged gear/surfaces. I’ve been known to use an 18-round drum, but only in my Longshot if I have it with to act as backup sniper, and only because that gets slung tightly across my back(I’m a lefty, so reloading that’s a bit of a pain and the way I carry it makes the drum not annoying).


  2. Hi basic nerf, I was wondering, when is the nerf elite stryfe coming to Australia? Or more exact, Western Australia? I would really like to know because I want to construct a stryfe elite masterkey and I want one to use my other nerf parts on.(barrel stock etc.)


      1. I don’t know MrMysterious. I know a few others Aussie Nerfers are complaining that they don’t have Stryfes there yet. I think at this point, your best bet would be to just import it.


        1. OMG, sorry! But I went to target today to get my EAT (which I got and is very nice) when I saw a Stryfe on sale for 4 Aussie dollars less than my EAT. So sorry for asking.


          1. One more question…but my six year old brother has got into nerf lately,(mainly because of me) and he has a strongarm and a Firestrike for a primary and secondary and Christmas is coming up and I would like to get him a bigger primary nerf/buzzbee/airzone blaster, and would a roughcut be good? Or a Stryfe now that I know they sell them, he looked a bit awkward when he tried my EAT or my old AT but he has to clips (from the elite ammo box) and I think a clip system blaster would be good for him…but what are your thoughts on it?


            1. Hey dude it actually depends on your budget here in lebanon ( yes we do have nerf guns, yes we do have new guns , and i was shocked when i knew that we have the stryfe before australia ) we are a kind of underdevelopped country. ) whoever i am not here to talk ’bout my country , but as i was saying it depends on your budget ( i don’t know how much does a EAT sandwich cause this we don’t have it ;) ) , but i would definitely go for a stryfe or if you have a bigger budget the retalliator . It’s a polyvalent performant gun with many attachements and a cool clip (12 darts).
              I hope i’ve helped and anyways please excuse my english as i said im lebanese


  3. That’s a good deal on the Stryfe. I’ve always thought it was one of the better looking blasters. If only the new Super Soakers looked this good. I caught a sneak peak of next year’s line and they are all pastel colors.


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