Zombie Strike Bandana Makes Appearance In California


The above photo was posted by Laser Gnomes of Facebook two days ago. Their a San Francisco based Nerf mod company. If you don’t remember, this was one of the new Zombie Strike items previews at San Diego Comic Con this past Summer.

The suggested retail price is $4.99, and looks to be a Target exclusive. It features a half Zombie side, half Humans side. This seems like Nerf’s attempt to reach specifically into the college HvZ market, and I could see the split side being a little handy in games. However the dark shade of it might make seeing it a bit hard in games. This seems like a reasonable price for something that looks great, but I wouldn’t use something this nice in an HvZ game.


8 thoughts on “Zombie Strike Bandana Makes Appearance In California”

  1. yeah, this is too dark in color for normal games, i don’t understand why nerf’s jab at the HvZ market is so half assed, they make 3 ish guns that the style and look go with zombies but are completely useless expect for the hammershot, the rest of the blasters look terrible and aren’t practical, then they make the foam machete and throwables that are expensive and terribly impractical again, gear that seems kind of cool but still impractical and then this which is great looking but seriously did they not look at the rules for games that the bandannas need to be clearly seen? It seems like nerf was caught between the HvZ market and the zombie market for little kids and therefore made something which didn’t completely satisfy either. This means that the zombiestrike line fails other than people liking the styling despite not even bothering with the blasters for HvZ.

    I feel like some changes they should have done were:
    – making the machete better quality(having a core)
    – making the PAK carry 18 dart clips instead of 12 darts clips,
    – making the mobile mission PAK drastically different
    – making the sledgefire at least a doublebarrel shotgun or a different type of repetition 3 shot blaster
    – not remaking the jolt
    – adding some kind of styfe to zombiestrike,(styfe and rapidstrike are amazing HvZ blasters)
    – making the zbombs into smaller cheaper pieces that clip on or are easy to carry,
    – making the bandanna lighter colors,
    – not using vortex in the zombiestrike line
    I think i got everything.


  2. Thanks for the shout out!
    It actually came as part of a pack which included a blue limited edition z-bomb and 2 wrist markers as well the bandanna. We paid $20 for this kit from a “City Target” which historically has crap selection at 20% markup. We had a scout report back more stolen SledgeFire shells and on the side of the image they submitted we saw the dark features of what should be a bright z-bomb box. Once we could not confirm what it was we went straight down there to inspect in person, and promptly bought out, this unknown item. Target had it listed as “Zombie Strike Survival Kit” on the tag. Hasbro calls it a starter kit and language on the box calls it a “response kit”.

    The bandanna alone is worth the $20. The wrist wraps would be nice for those in the HvZ games suppose. A bit snug to be arm bands for adult males though.. we can get it about half way around a bicep : (


  3. Hi basicnerf/anyone who cares… Well I am a 13 year old kid who lives in Perth,WA , Australia and I love nerf, especially hvz and currently I use an elite alpha trooper cs-12 (EAT) for my hvz games but with a retaliator stock and sometimes a longstrike flip up sight and with 18 round clips/mags/drums with it. But I want to invest into a new primary for hvz as I am struggling to keep up with the rampages/raiders and stampedes and old rayvens and stryfes that other people use in the games I play in. And my scout group has ctf and hvz CAMPS quite regularly, (they are SICK as the rounds last all night…) and that’s why I need some advice on a good middle to low end budget hvz primary.(I have considered the Sledgeshot as it just came out in Aus but its been getting mixed reviews…) THANKS! (If u answer of course…)


    1. Get s Stryfe. Its only $20 and you seem to have enough high cap clips for it. Definitely do not use the Sledgefire in HvZ. It takes 4 seconds to get out 3 darts. Not to mention it only has 3 shells. You would have to keep picking up shells in the middle of HvZ.


      1. Thanks for the reply, a stryfe sounds like a great idea with my other nerf accessories (stocks, barrels etc.) and as its nowhere near expensive as something like a rapidstrike it sounds cool to me.


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