New Nerf Elite Suction Darts Appear On Toys R Us Japan Site


Thanks to user Gavinfuzz of the Nerf Sub Reddit, and Toys R Us Japan, we have a small look at a new kind of dart coming in the future. It’s the old, classic, Suction Dart, but it’s now attached to an Elite Dart body. Below is the Google Translated description of in the listing.

Product Description:
Sucker type micro darts 30 bullet set ultimate version that corresponds to the blaster elite series of all. ※ There is the case that is slightly different image and the actual product.

The Release Date on the listing is 2014/03/20. That’s March 20, 2014. Which is a bit of a ways off from now.

Take note that the package features the selling point “Suction Darts work with all N-Strike Elite blasters.” If that’s the case, then it should work with the Clip/Mag fed blasters like the Retaliator, Rampage, Rapidstrike, etc etc. That most likely means that the suction heads on these upcoming darts will be smaller then the normal suction darts. Hopefully this means more weigh and/or better ballistics, so that these darts fly straighter and give us better accuracy.

A big thing I noticed is that the selling point of “Maximize Your Performance” featured on the current dart packages is missing from the above package of these Elite Suction Darts. It does however feature the N-Strike Elite logo, so hopefully these darts continue to get our current Elite Ranges.

There’s a lot of assumptions on these darts so far, but no solid info besides the listing. I’ve reached out to Nerf PR asking for more info, so I’ll keep you all updated when I get more info on this.

You can view the original listing here.


11 thoughts on “New Nerf Elite Suction Darts Appear On Toys R Us Japan Site”

  1. I can see how these can be more accurate due to weight, but their poor aerodynamics might nullify that. They’d be nice for shooting at windows and stuff though.


  2. I found one package at target few days ago.purchased it. I tried them limited play time. The darts feed through my retaliator clip system but not as smooth as regular elite darts. Also they shoot out so fast from elite blasters that it bounces off the target i wasn’t able to get any to stick to any surface i shot at; suction cup is too small. I even tried my spectre rev 5 (weakest blaster i have) still shot too hard to stick.


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