Previously Leaked Rapidstrike CS-18 Rapid Reload Pack is Now Walmart Exclusive


Remember that Rapid Reload Pack spotted on Baidu months ago? The one that featured an extra clear mag and 18 extra Elite Darts? Well a few days ago I headed to Walmart and spotted it on shelves. Again, I spotted this in a Southern California Walmart.


There isn’t much change to the box art, there’s a mention on the back that mentions that it comes with an Extra Clear Clip and 18 more Elite Darts. Also there’s a green visual indicator on the front right side that indicates this deal. The box size is the same as a normal Rapistrike’s.


The asking price for this Rapid Reload Pack was $29.88, the same price that the normal Rapidstrike was being sold at at the Walmart I went to. I suspect this deal will be a bit popular though, and I only saw two of this Rapid Reload Pack in the store. I also went to another Walmart, but couldn’t find this pack in the store.


8 thoughts on “Previously Leaked Rapidstrike CS-18 Rapid Reload Pack is Now Walmart Exclusive”

  1. I’m waiting for a good deal at Costco. They all seem to be much better than those at Walmart and other stores. (Remember a couple years back, a Stampede with 100 darts for $50?)


    1. I think if you see this deal in stores though, you should try and get one for yourself. That Stampede deal you listed was years ago, and in between then and now, I haven’t heard of any really awesome deals coming out of Costco Nerf wise.


      1. There was a Centurion with 2x ammo and mags for normal price, which I guess would be considered a good deal, since you can’t find seperate mags or darts for Megas as of yet. I’m waiting for a semi-auto non-flywheel blaster, which could take some time. Or alternatively an Elite-power Dart tag series.


        1. There are semi-auto non-flywheel blasters out there. Snapfire 8 is the only Nerf one around though. I hope Nerf makes one that’s clip system compatible.


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