I’m Looking to Expand my Youtube Channel to Cover Other Things, Your Thoughts?

My Jordan 1 Mids in Olive Brown/Red/Black

Here’s something I’ve been contemplating for a while. I want to starting uploading and reviewing other things on my Youtube channel, mostly videos on shoes and hats since I’ve been buying a decent amount of those in the past year or so.

It’s something I’ve noticed happen with other successful people I watch such as Level Cap Gaming, Ray William Johnson, & Swoozie. It’s not just one kind of certain topic/related video topic from them. Level Cap Gaming does gaming & Airsoft gameplay. RWY has his viral review videos and a podcast. Swoozie does stories, animated short videos, and video blogging.

I feel like I would be able to provide good quality review videos on these things. My Haley Strategic Dragon Fly Hoodie review has been getting a fair amount of attention and positive reviews since I uploaded it. I again believe I can provide quality overviews and reviews of a few different things then just Nerf.

Now I’m not sure how many of you would be interested in seeing reviews of shoes, hats, or other not so Nerf related from me, but at the very least, would you not mind if I started making and uploading these sorts of videos on my channel?


13 thoughts on “I’m Looking to Expand my Youtube Channel to Cover Other Things, Your Thoughts?”

  1. Well I’m sorta wishy washy on this. How bout you upload it to adifferent channel that you can start just for other reviews that aren’t nerf related.


    1. The thing is that I already have a lot of view and subscribers on my Basic Nerf channel, so it’s going to take a lot of effort and time to get attention to these new things I upload.


    1. Well I’m not a skilled modder at all, so it’s hard for me to put out mod videos when so many other people can do a better job with a mod.

      As for the mischief part, the public eye, and some Nerf fans as well, have a misconstrued view on what Nerf is and the positive effects it can bring. This is partly because Nerf as a sport and hobby has been rising through for the past 5 years or so, and it hasn’t been marketed in the actual ways many people online meet up together to play it. As a result, there’s a lot of uncertainty to the uninformed masses when they hear the term “Nerf War”. I admit myself, that I have a few questions as to certain aspects regarding Nerf Wars, but that’s a another topic for another time.

      My point is, I’d rather focus on putting out fun, informing videos that will help further Nerf being viewed as a fun, active, positive activity. Rather then trying to make people see an extreme, dangerous, or annoying hobby.


  2. yeah that’s awesome! you new to the shoe game? get some new release sheos are review them, popular sheos could get you a lot of views and subs!


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