Elite Suction Darts Listing Goes Up On Target Website


It looks like our latest Elite Suction Dart rumor gets solid clarity now. The Target USA website has very recently put up a listing for Elite Suction Darts. Or as the site calls them, “Elite Universal Suction Darts”. The 30 pack costs $9.99, just like a 30 pack of normal Elite Darts. At the moment, it currently isn’t available to buy online nor in stores.

With the listing appearing now, it seems like we’ll be getting these much sooner then the March 20, 2014 date that was listed in the Japan Toys R Us site. I speculate that the USA might possibly be getting these in the Winter in time for the holidays, in sort of the same vein as the upcoming Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow, Sidestrike, and Mega Magnus blaster.

I’m also starting to wonder now, will stores be selling these in a 75 pack as well?

You can check the rest of the post to see the listed production description and images they put up.



They’ll have all the ammo they need for their Nerf battles with a Nerf N-Strike Elite Universal Suction Darts 30-Pack. These Nerf suction darts work with all N-Strike Elite blasters. The Nerf darts are made of lightweight foam to fly fast and true. They even stick to most flat surfaces, so they’re fun for target practice. Ages 8 and up.

Online Item #: 14751758
Store Item Number (DPCI): 087-11-0394

Thanks to Containment Crew for the heads up.

6 thoughts on “Elite Suction Darts Listing Goes Up On Target Website”

  1. Do these work in mags? It says ALL elite blasters so that has to include mags right? If so that’d be NERFIN’ AWESOME!!!! (see what I did there? XD)


  2. I bought some for my Strongarm, and boy howdy, do they not work. At. All. Haven’t been able to get them to stick to anything: glass, walls, slick surfaces, whiteboards, nothing. I can barely get them to stick even pushing them to surfaces by hand.


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