Nerf Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow Unboxing & Firing Test

Here’s my unboxing video, and the first one on the internet, of the Nerf Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow. I also give off a small firing test which starts at 2:30 in the video.

It’s a nice feeling and looking blaster. Paintjob was good and plastic seems good as well. It also features the “Smart AR Sensor” similar to the Rough Cut.

Stay tuned to my Youtube channel and blog for more coverage of this in the next couple of days.

14 thoughts on “Nerf Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow Unboxing & Firing Test”

  1. This “Zombie Strike” line is basically based off the TV series “The Walking Dead” as one of the main characters uses a revolver and another character uses a crossbow and another one uses a machete.


  2. And I would say that a roughcut would be more practical than this though this crossfire has much more tacticool and awesome look.


  3. To me, it’s a waste of $20. If it was $13 or less you’d have yourself a MAYBE. But seriously? Using a crossbow to fight zombies? Get a Stryfe instead!


    1. You can use this for other things then just HvZ. Cosplayers should enjoy the look this has. Also some Nerf Wars have hits from bows as One Hit KOs, so this could be a one hit blaster in those events.


      1. I don’t play HvZ. I was talking about the marketing strategy (should have said that, my apologies). It’s on the ZS series, so it is being portrayed as “something for fighting zombies” and trying to appeal to HvZ players. It might be better implemented as a “Classic Nerf” sub-series or something of the like.

        You’re right about the one-hit KO rule. That would be a good idea to someone getting a CFB. I’m planning to get a Magnus and implement that rule. One-hit KOs are best implemented with blasters that take a different type of ammo, though, because with the CFB you can pick up any old dart and fire it, so it’s basically an RPG that takes machine-gun rounds.


        1. Thanks for elaborating more and making it clear. Well with the marketing, don’t forget that Zombies in general are a popular topic right now. So it can appear to more then just HvZ players.

          You make a good point about the dart usage in the CFB. Things like playing environment, playing skill, and more are what game organizers are going to have to take into account when making this a OHKO.


  4. Personally, I like this blaster a lot. I don’t know why…but there’s something about this blaster I like. I would say that the hammershot is the best ZS blaster out, as I find it a practical and reletively cheap blaster that I use as a secondary (I am 13 and prefer not to carry big things in hvz) so I would recommend a hammershot if your really so inclined to own a ZS blaster. If you don’t value my comment it’s ok, as it is my opinion.


    1. I agree that the hammershot is the best ZS blaster out, though there’s really only one other that’s widely available right now, and it STINGS at close range stock. As far as using it as a secondary, I’m inclined to disagree since I use a Stryfe for reloadability and rate of fire. Revolvers are cool and all, but they do take much longer to reload than just jamming another clip in.


      1. The problem with clip secondarys is that they rely on you having spare clips on you. Most of the time I pull my secondary I’m out of clips. Not to mention the Stryfe needs to rev up its flywheels before you fire. The Hammershot is the best revolver out there as it is one handed, 5 shot, and you don’t need to pop out the cylinder to reload. Plus revolvers can pickup darts.


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