Do You Miss Urban Taggers? Don’t Expect A Comeback.

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As most of the Nerf Internet Community knows, Pocket of Urban Taggers decided to stop posting on his blog and announced it to the world on July 25, 2013. If you look at the comments of that post, many people compare this happening to a nightmare that they’ll wake up from. But a recent development doesn’t seem to support a comeback happening in the future and may crush many’s dream of it happening even more.


In a recent Facebook social account update from Pocket, known to some as “Marty”, a post was made saying that he donated 29 Nerf blasters to Goodwill. Read that last sentence again if that didn’t sink in with you. 29 Nerf Blasters. All donated. For free! Zero dollars made!

I can think of two things that immediately come to mind. Either Pocket is a very charitable person, and/or he’s lost much of his passionate, attention, and time for Nerf. Perhaps it’s a combination of both. But I’m sure most people know that when you donate something in bulk like that, the loss of passion for the items is also often closely tied to the situation as well.

Goodnight Sweet Prince.


11 thoughts on “Do You Miss Urban Taggers? Don’t Expect A Comeback.”

    1. The scene has been dead for a while. I would argue since the second round of elite the last cool new tech blaster was the stampede in 2011. since then the only real development has been the sequential fire tech that started with the triad. every thing els is same old same old. Its basically been dead for almost 3 years no wonder people loose interest.

      a Volcan with tweaked internals would maybe help it a lot. That blaster was really the start of modern nerf. But really I think we may have reached the cap of what Hasbro can do. The stampede was a failure (due to parts failure) and was the last highly experimental thing they have done probably due to financial loss from returns.

      Basicaly if the Volcan has a lot of part failures still I think the Nerf Scene will basically be dead and every one will move on to other things or homemade for the hardcore.

      its a shame but plastic hits its limit eventually


  1. I think people get to that point where they are realizing they are not playing with the toys, but merely collecting them. So you kind of loose your interest due.

    I’ve felt it myself lately. I do not have enough friends interested in playing a full nerf war, and was thinking how little my collection would be worth if I sold it at the moment.


    1. I’m going to answer ladeeday with a similar answer soon, but I agree with you. Playing with the different blasters has certainly increased my interest lifespan in both the hobby and Nerf in general.


  2. This is e first time I have never posted onanything nerf related, though I have recently gotten back into it as an adult and accumulated about 15 blasters in the past few months. As an adult, at least to me, most of the enjoyment is going to come from collecting and discussing because, let’s face it, it isn’t likely to knock on a bunch of neighbors doors and get a handful of buddies to have a nerf fight.

    With all the other things competing for adults’ time it isn’t all that surprising to me. Also, since ere doesn’t seem to be many exciting, known, upcoming or just released products, there isn’t as much excitement in the discussion aspect of the adult nerfers and therefore much less blog activity.

    Enjoyment of any hobby is so rarely as to be effectively never the result of the monetary value of one’s gear. Most people enjoy a good deal and appreciates value, but for a given hobbyist that value generally lies in the enjoyment their gear affords them rather than he monetary value. This is why hobbyists will spend many times over original retail for discontinued items and why the same wont sell hard to replace items for what many would consider crazy offers. I would argue that when one starts thinking seriously about how much one could sell his or her collection for, they are already on their way out of the hobby.

    I have a lot more to say, but this is already way too long for a blog comment. Maybe I should start my own blog! Lol.


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