A Goodbye to the Southern Brisbane Nerf Club Blog


Yesterday, a fairly new, but high quality Nerf blog Southern Brisbane Nerf Club had to shut itself down and stop posting due to reasons unknown to us. He’s also no longer going to be using his Facebook page or Youtube channel either.

Rob is 32 years of age with a son and a family, and according to his goodbye post he’s got more important things to tend to that need his time. However in his 6 months of blogging he broke a lot of Nerf News and we around the internet thank him for that. I wish you the best of luck in life with both Nerf and non Nerf related things Rob.


7 thoughts on “A Goodbye to the Southern Brisbane Nerf Club Blog”

  1. Firstly, my mum is the 60 year old grandmother of my two kids, but, if grannies are your thing I won’t judge.

    Secondly, if I know I’m going to a nude gay bar, I make it a habit to never get drunk (you learn your lesson after the first time). Also, if all Aussies were “fags” we wouldn’t have a population.

    Thirdly, you spelt ‘answer’, ‘Aussie’ and ‘Sydney’ incorrectly

    Forth and finally, the reason I’m leaving is because I have a lot of commitments and responsibilities outside of the NIC that all kind of blew-up at the same time and I need to sort it out.


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