Humans vs. Zombies Fan Fim – Rise of the Resistance (Episodes 1-3)

Episode 1: The Die Is Cast

In the final hours before the zombie apocalypse, Federal Agent Jon Blake is unexpectedly thrust into action to thwart a terrorist plot to unleash the deadly virus.

AgentJonnyB-Films has finally released the first 3 episodes of his web series “Rise of the Resistance”. Featuring many mentions to the HvZ game, this series has lots of action, a bit of a complicated plot at the start, quick video editing, and a bit of a dark sense of humor. It’s a very entertaining series to watch, and it hyped me up to play Humans vs. Zombies. If you want to watch the other two episodes, I’be embedded them below. Look out for more HvZ videos and episodes to his series in the future!

Episode 2: When Darkness Falls

Agents Jon Blake and Derek Spiff lead a desperate attempt to save Rachel Widmore and stop Ethan Powell from unleashing the H1Z1 virus upon SUNY Geneseo.

Episode 3: Rise of the Resistance

After a night of devastation, the Federal Agents and Geneseo students must engage the zombie horde head-on in a campus-wide battle to earn the new code to the sonic defense system.


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