New Nerf Rebelle Darts in Purple, White, Pink, spotted on France Toys R Us Site


Thanks to Extreme Nerf for the heads up on these. He’s spotted these new darts on the French Toys R Us Website.These are newly deco’d darts that we haven’t seen before. I must say I like the design and colors on them. Especially the colors and designs of the right six darts. It gives them personality. The listing price is 9.99 Euros.

No word or sighting yet for USA stores.

Below is a translated description for the arts.


“Recharge in matching foam dart X12
Darts in stylish colors that adaptnet all Nerf Rebel arms!
– 12 darts stylish
– Accurate Shots
– Suitable for full range Nerf Rebel”


9 thoughts on “New Nerf Rebelle Darts in Purple, White, Pink, spotted on France Toys R Us Site”

  1. Some of these are just concepts by Envisual, the media company that created some proof-of-concept designs for Rebelle.

    The camo streamline darts mentioned by Ben Schmied got a brief revival in the form of the Elite Special Edition Darts, which apparently only ever came out in Europe. (Amazon has had product pages for US-packaged ones up like forever, but those apparently never came out in the States.)


        1. Basically, this image is just a composite/color swap based on several sources.

          Darts #1-6 are just stock photos for the N-Strike “Ammo Bag with Deco Clip System Darts” (found on, with the hue changed from gray to purple.

          Darts #9 and 10 are taken straight from the Envisual presentation with zero changes.

          Darts #11 and 12 can also be seen in the Envisual presentation, albeit only in tiny resolution.

          Dart #8 is from the Envisual presentation, with the hue changed from pink to purple and the dart head changed from pink to black.

          Dart #7 is the same as Dart #11, but with changed colors and the dart head from darts #1-6 pasted on.



  2. Update: I can’t find the image on the French Toys”R”Us page. It only shows the European packaging version of the Rebelle 12 dart refill pack. Did someone at TRU France screw up and put up an unofficial image?


    1. it would make sense, because read my above comment, i said the left 6 are RECOLORED STREAMLINES, that dont work well with the new rebelle stuff, so why would they market steamlines with an “elite style” blaster (i mean internals)? good find


      1. Sadly, my first post still hasn’t been approved. There, I show that some of these darts are taken straight from a proof-of-concept presentation by the company that helped Hasbro develop Rebelle, and the ones you’re referring to also resemble the Elite “Special Edition” Darts which apparently never came out in the US, but are available in Europe.

        Unfortunately, because my post contains multiple links, it’s still awaiting approval. Search for “Nerf Rebelle Envisual” and “Nerf Special Edition Darts” and you see what I mean.


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