Camarillo, CA Winter 2012 Humans vs. Zombies Media Footage

Camarillo Humans vs. Zombies Winter 2012 – Game 1, Part 1/3 – Harassed By Zombies

Remember when I advertised for this Humans vs. Zombies game that head organized back in Winter 2012? Well I finally have all my game footage, as well as vlogs, uploaded now! Again, we played two different games on two different days, and had 81 people play the first day, and 87 the next. Check below for much more video and photos on the event as well as more information on our games.

Game 1 Media:

The Morning of Game 1 (Camarillo Winter HvZ Vlog 1)

This is just a small video of me preparing in the morning and letting you all know that I was on my way there.

Moment of Silence (Camarillo Winter HvZ Vlog 2)

Before the first game started, we took a moment of silence to respect and honor the people who died in the Sandy Hook school shooting that had happened two days before.

Game 1, Part 1/3 – Harassed By Zombies

In the first two missions, the humans first investigate a “disturbance” in the park, and then have to plant radio towers in 3 separate points across the map.

Game 1, Part 2/3 – Humans On The Run

In part 2 of game 1 video, Humans have to hold a point, and after lunch they have to get a cactus, which started the zombie outbreak, to an incinerator before the virus mutates again.

Lunch Time/Mission Preview (Camarillo Winter HvZ Vlog 3)

This was a vlog during lunch to preview a mission that the humans would have to do, but we never got around to setting it up.

Cactus Infection (Camarillo Winter HvZ Vlog 4)

In this vlog, I show the viewers where we set up the “incinerator”. The incenerator was marked by a PVC flag.

Game 1, Part 3/3 – A Push For Victory

In the final part of the Game 1 Missions, the Humans go through with their Cactus incinerator mission, then must defend a reporter, and then get to safety on a “helicopter”.

Quick End of Game 1 Recap (Camarillo Winter HvZ Vlog 5)

In my post game vlog video, I do a quick recap of what happened during the game.

Game 1 Photos can be Viewed Here

Game 2 Media:

Game 2, Part 1/4 – Early Zombie Action

In the first part of 4, Humans must bring 3 parts of a radio tower to 3 separate points to triangulate a mad scientist’s position. While they do that, two groups of Humans encounter strong Zombie Resistance.

Game 2, Part 2/4 – The Mad Scientist

Humans find the Mad Scientist, and escort him to his lab so that he can get his supplies to help stop the zombie apocalypse. After this mission they go on lunch break.

Game 2, Part 3/4 – Noodle Pushing & Zombie Hunting

In part 3, Humans have to transfer “nuclear rods” to a reactor by pushing them. After that they go on a mission to stun a special zombie, and stop zombies from getting in a mystical cauldron. Then the zombies must defend another special zombie from getting stunned.

Game 2, Part 4/4 – Survival

In the final part of game 2, the Humans must find and stun a special zombie. I lead the last group of humans in our quest to find and stun that zombie.

Game 2 Photos can be Viewed Here

You can read some information on past Camarillo HvZ games on on the HvZ wikia Camarillo HvZ section.

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