New Prototype Nerf Blaster in the Works, the N-Strike Demolisher


Woah, just as I was about to go to bed. Prop Weapon Scoop just broke a story on a new blaster. If you haven’t heard of the site, it’s partly run by Nerfenstein, so I would say the site, image, and news are credible. The pictured above blaster is a prototype blaster called the “N-Strike Demolisher”.

According to PWS, “The Nerf Demolisher features two kinds of carnage, regular Nerf darts (10-round clip) and the addition of a ‘Mega dart’ launched from beneath (with room for one extra in the stock area).” The site also says that it’s still pretty much a prototype blaster at the moment, but that it is rumored for a Fall Release Date in the USA.

The blaster looks cool to say the least. We even get a new type of clip in the curved clip! We might get more information this week from the UK TOy Fair which starts Jan. 21. What are your initial thoughts on the blaster?

5 AM PST Update: Prop Weapon Scoop has updated their post with a rumored price point of $39.99 USD. But again that is not confirmed. I’ll reach out to my PR contact and see if we can more information overall on this blaster.


12 thoughts on “New Prototype Nerf Blaster in the Works, the N-Strike Demolisher”

  1. Whoa….Hasbro Nerf has heard the cries of its fans….
    1) a curved clip.
    2) a attached weapon [missile/grenade launcher] also know in the real world as an over-under.
    3) a possible auto fire/rapidfire type weapon.
    This looks awesome…… looks like a Stryfe w/ launcher attached… very, very nice. I am looking forward to Fall 2014.


  2. Nerf just got a thousand times better.

    1.Curved clips- Easier reloading, more ammo, looks freaking cool.
    2.Compact blaster with semi/full auto capabilities
    3.Grenade launcher under barrel, if it’s an attachment via rail, then even better. But it looks like it’s attached.

    I think the only thing that could cause a problem is the lack of space between the clip and the launcher. Also, the stock doesn’t look that solid. It might bend if you press it hard enough against your shoulder.


    1. The stock looks to me like it’s sturdy enough to do some head-smashing, if they use their usual quality of plastic; it has plenty of I-beam sections, and in the one place with a big gap it has a triangular reinforcement.


            1. The problem I see with this stock is that with a mega dart in storage, you won’t be able to use it as a cheekrest since the dart sticks out, making the stock almost useless.


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