N-Strike Maverick REV-6 Again Makes An Appearance, Sports New Elite Colors

In the words of the movie Sandlot, “Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.” And this seems to be the case with the Nerf N-Strike Maverick REV-6.


As you can see from the photo above and below, the Maverick has once again gotten a repaint to match the new Orange Elite Paint Scheme. Both photos are from Facebook, with the top one being posted by a Singapore user on the Nerf Modders Welcome Facebook Group. The bottom photo was also posted on the group, but it is from a Walgreens in Honolulu, Hawaii and features a $17.49 price tag.


Below is the Whiteout Maverick for comparison. The “Elite Maverick” features a more darker handle, white instead of grey for the handle/grip area, and it lacks the strips and decorative lines featured on the Whiteout Maverick.


Have any of you outside of the Singapore or Hawaii area seen these in stores yet? Will you pick yourself up one, or is this a pass for you? Feel free to share your thoughts!


5 thoughts on “N-Strike Maverick REV-6 Again Makes An Appearance, Sports New Elite Colors”

  1. If this comes to the 48 Contiguous states, i may pick this up, i always liked the whiteout, and this one just looks cleaner than the whiteout, you know what i mean?


  2. Just stopped by my local Walgreens and while in the card isle noticed a little display of nerf bits and pieces, footballs, a frisbee thing, two of the very pink rebelle blasters and one of the new super soakers, the alpha fire I think (which is quite large looking in person) one of the blue “elite” jolts, and most notably one of the new repainted mavericks. Its a nice look for the maverick in my opinion, and here in the mid west it goes for around 12 bucks, the 16 buck tag is because Hawaii’s many importing charges and such, but the other thing I saw was something I didn’t expect: a similar re-packaged nightfinder in the same elite looking box, It was painted mainly orange with a greyish grip. It seems to be in step with the fall color scheme (strongarm in whiteout, firestrike in noticeable from a mile away orange) as both blasters seemed to parallel. Most likely this means both the maverick and nightfinder are still in active production, good and bad depending on who you ask, another tidbit, a similar rebranding happened to the suction darts, their online image for the 36 variant features the same packaging scheme, so I just fought sharing this trend I keep seeing might be useful as it doesn’t appear much online.


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