Update: Popular Youtuber Modder Coop772 Returns to Nerf


UPDATE: Coop772 has indeed returned to the Nerf hobby! He recently uploaded a video, embedded below.

While we still don’t know ALL of the reasons as to why he he left, he confirms that the speculations of him getting a bit “burned out” were on the true side. Whatever the case may be, it’s good to have him coming back into the hobby.

Coop’s new Facebook page cover photo shown above.

In case you don’t remember, popular Nerf modder Coop772 decided to quit Nerf and Youtube back in January. However last night, he updated his Facebook page profile picture and cover photo with new photos, featuring a new logo.

He also linked a video to the Kings of Leon song “Coming Back Again” today. Specifically to the one minute, forty nine second mark, in which the song says “back again
I got a feeling coming back again”. You can view that song below.

In addition to that, his site has also been updated with the song and cover photo.

While there hasn’t been any OFFICIAL word on his return, things are looking good for a return of his. Stay tuned to Basic Nerf for more information as it gets revealed.


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