Dorm Labs Nerf Tactical Foregrip – Game Tested Review (Write Up & Video)

The video version of the review, with game footage

In my latest review, I’ll be reviewing and sharing my game experiences on the Dorm Labs Tactical Foregrip. I go over it’s uses in games, it’s build quality, my experiences using it, and whether or not it’s worth your money.

Dorm Labs is a fan group 3D printing accessories for Nerf blasters. First off, I want to say thank you to Dorm Labs for sending me a sample of the Grip to test out and review. Without them, this review would not be possible. I first heard of Dorm Labs in late December of 2013/ January of 2014. Their a bit of a new company. Keep reading to view the rest of the review!

Time Stamps for the Video Above:
0:18 Introduction to the Grip and Nerf Grips
0:50 My Initial Thoughts & Overview on it and it’s features
2:54 How to Install It
4:23 My Game Experiences with it
5:13 Horizontal Movement Overview
6:15 Talking about Tunnel Vision
6:50 Quality & Pricing
8:12 My Conclusion on the Grip

A view of the grip in it’s folded up form

The package they send for their products is very simple. It comes with the item, a free Elite dart, and instructions for how to install your item. For the grip, and most of their items, you have to unscrew screws from the side of the item, place the item on indentations on the blaster. Next screw in the screws to connect both sides of the accessory together. In my experience, it takes about 20 turns on each screw to unscrew this item. Even if you have the Stampede or Retaliator grip, this grip will stay on much more securely then those. Also it is foldable, which is something the Stampede & Retaliator can not do.

The quality of the item is great. The grip didn’t have any of the fraying I sometimes see in 3D printed items, and it seems durable as well. The only “quality issue” I saw was a bit of a rough finish on the item, but that’s ok. It doesn’t compromise the design or construction, and is very unnoticeable even up close.

A view of the grip in it’s folded down form

My game experiences with it have been very much positive. When I first used it, it was on my Rapidstrike in an indoor game. While folding the grip when not in use is a welcome edition, it doesn’t feel comfortable to use your grip on your blaster due to it’s small size. When I held the grip in it’s extended/folded down form and got behind the blaster, I could feel myself really get behind my blaster. If my blaster were a real gun, I would be able to take and disperse recoil though my body much easier. But it’s not, so we don’t get that benefit. The benefits we do get are increased speed of horizontal movement with our blaster, more of a welcoming grip on your blaster (this is depending on your blaster, grip placement, and personal preference) and more of an inclination to aim down sights of your blaster.

Me using the Rapidstrike & Dorm Labs Tactical Foregrip in the mentioned Indoor Nerf War. Photo thanks to 5th Dimensions Photography

A downside of aiming down the sights more is that you tend to get tunnel vision more often. You can train yourself to fight or lessen this though. This isn’t a discredit to the grip, it’s something that just tends to happen more often if you use the grip and aim down your sights more often.

The grip goes for $14.99 USD on their site, not including shipping. Is it worth your money? The way I judge something and it’s worth is if the item is of good quality, and if I’ll use it a good amount. If I pay a lot of money for something, and I don’t use it, then I’m not getting my moneys worth out of it. This item performs well, and if you think it’s worth your money and time to use it, then its something you can easily buy without spending too much money.

This item grip’s quality and helpful usage in Nerf games help give me it’s high score, but it’s price is a wee bit too high for my tastes. Overall I’d give this item an 8/10.

Again I highly suggest you check out the video version of the review that I have embedded above. It features video examples to further illustrate what I’m talking about.


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