You Have Another Chance to Buy An Elite Pinpoint Sight

A photo I took of some Elite Pinpoint Sights

The Nerf Pinpoint Sight (both it’s older Yellow and newer Elite Blue) have been popular in the Nerf Community. Back in May 2013, New Zealand had a promotion run and some Nerf people there sold them to the world. Singapore also had promotions of this item a few times, but they usually run out quick. A merchant on AliExpress has them for sale for the price of $34.00 USD. The shipping price is also included in that already. Before you get too excited about it, I HIGHLY advise that you read this review left on by a Jacob S.

The link to buy the Sight will be after the review below. It’s also unclear on the site as to how many of these sights as for sale. So if you want one, I recommend buying one sooner then later.

Review once again left by a Jacob S. on Trust Pilot

Fantastic If You Are a Savvy Shopper; Prices Unbeatable


AliExpress is a fantastic marketplace for experienced, smart, online shoppers. For the inexperienced, or careless online shopper, you are walking into a deathtrap. AliExpress is much like a stall market in a city: there are cheats, and there are champs. If you are smart, you’ll no doubt have your best ever online shopping experiences, and some of the finest-ever prices. (**Please read my full review below**).

I have had some great experiences on AliExpress (fast shipping, good service), and some not so great ones (item got lost in the mail, but merchant sent a new one and stayed in constant contact with me). The one commonality in my experiences? Good customer service. Why is this? I am a savvy shopper.

It is necessary, no matter where you shop online, that you are cautious, and do your research. The simplest way to do your research is to read the reviews. Almost every online marketplace has integrated product reviews and merchant reviews. I recommend to anybody shopping anywhere that they look for merchants that sell en masse, and garner a good score. I’d say any merchant with 90% positive feedback or greater is a safe option. The other thing you can do is research the product you are buying. It is not the merchant’s fault if you buy an item that was bad right from the get-go, and there is ample reviews online on the product. Do your research!

I have had some of my finest customer service experiences on AliExpress. There is a tonne of competition there, and the good merchants really want to wow you to keep you coming back. You must remember that most of these merchants are selling their wares in bulk, and want good word out there so stores are purchasing lots of their items. I had one sale where the merchant said that FedEx was seriously backed up, and it would be a week before my item got out. I was suspicious at first they were trying to say they needed more processing time, but they dispelled my worries and shipped with a higher-up shipping option at their own cost. This impressed me!

AliExpress uses an interesting system called Escrow. You make your purchase, and the money is held by AliExpress. The merchant is given a time frame to process and ship your order, or else the order gets automatically cancelled, and you get your money back. Then, the sale goes into “waiting for acceptance,” and the BUYER now gets a time frame: that is to confirm that they received the item, or else the sale is automatically closed and the merchant gets their money. You must be careful and pay attention to this time! If you do not receive your item in time, you can have this time extended so that the sale is not closed. You also have this time to open a dispute with AliExpress.

An additional benefit is that shipping with Hong Kong Post is usually free, HOWEVER, this is a slow process that usually takes 1 – 1 ½ months.

Most merchants have a guaranteed shipping time, or else you get the item for free. Merchants also often have the offer that if you receive an item not-as-described, they will let you keep the wrong one and give you a refund, or let you keep the wrong one and ship you out the correct one.

There ARE a few lame things you must deal with at AliExpress:

– The English is oft-terrible. Just remember, most merchants are from China.
– Because the merchants are limited in time to process your order, frequently you will get a fake tracking number initially, and then an “oops, gave you wrong tracking number” message and the correct one, or you’ll have to request that they give you a ‘new’ tracking number. You’ll then track the order and see that only that day did receive shipment information.
– There are tonnes of scammers. This is the ‘savvy shopper’ part.
– Shipping out of China, even from big players like DHL, FedEx, and TNT seems to be unreliable, especially slow with Hong Kong Post. I absolutely recommend any of the international courier services. (I swear, HK Post uses steam ships to deliver across the ocean).
– Tonnes of counterfeit items. I almost always avoid ‘Big Brand’ name electronics. Most of these items are sold by the MANUFACTURER only to third-party merchants, such as BestBuy, Future Shop, Wal-Mart, etc, or from the manufacturer themselves. Do your research first, and figure out who the ‘Big Brand’ licenses out the right to sell to.


– Excellent customer service
– Fast shipping (I usually expedite)
– Because most merchants are in China, they are doing their business when you are just getting off work and doing your shopping
– Lots of competition
– Phenomenal prices
– Polite merchants
– Both merchant and purchaser protections
– Escrow system


– Poor English
– Lots of scammers
– Slow shipping (if you go with Hong Kong Post)
– Plenty of counterfeit items (avoid big-brand-name items, especially Apple products… actually, avoid Apple products in general)
– Merchant “cheap tricks” (like tricking the Escrow system by doing the ‘tracking number flip-flop’)

If you read my review in its entirety, then thanks a lot. I took the time to write it because I believe AliExpress gets a bad rap. I think a lot of people who gets scammed on the site walk into the trouble themselves. A lot of the issues with AliExpress are issues that can be experienced on eBay and Amazon. I think if more people arm themselves with the tools and knowledge necessary to have a good online shopping experience, there would be a few more good reviews of this site, AND I think Amazon and eBay would be in big trouble.


(if you have any specific questions about AliExpress or anything else I review, or you see any glaring errors in my review, you may email me at

What’s also good about the listing is that the seller has 7 feedback left for him, all 100 percent positive. The item also has a Full Refund policy and a Keep Item policy. If you don’t receive your order you get a full refund. And you get a refund or keep items if their not as described.

AliExpress Listing found here.

I also want to thank the person who posted the listing on the Nerf Modders Welcome Facebook page. I would link you to the thread, but its been deleted. I am not responsible for any bad sales or experiences with AliExpress of course.

Click here to view my review on the Yellow Pinpoint Sight.


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