1 Million Blog Views

Goldfish – One Million Views ft. John Mani

By the way, do you like my tactical Nerf banana I’m using above?

Wow, it’s been quite the journey. In late April, my site reached the one million views mark. I never thought I would reach one million site views, or even get contacted by toy companies’ public relations teams to sample & review toys, or buy over $500 worth of camera equipment to simply record the games I play in, or even if I would still be blogging 5 years from when I started the site.

There have been Nerf blogs who have started around the same time as me, and they no longer post. I can’t tell you when I will ever stop posting, making videos, or when I’ll loose my interest in Nerf. What I can tell you is that I feel like I’m only a few layers deep into the content and experiences that I’ve yet to share with you all. My passion and interest for Nerf as a sport and hobby have changed and evolved, yet they both remain strong.

I’m very grateful for all the time you’ve visited my site, watched one of my videos, left a comment, or shared some of my content. I’m also close to 2 Million video views on Youtube, but none of my success is possible without you, the readers and viewers.

I know I don’t do this often, but I’m thinking hard about possibly doing a worldwide giveaway for a few items as a way of saying thanks to some of you. And when I say some, I say it because not ALL of you can win the giveaway. I don’t have that much money haha.

For now, keep your eyes and ears tuned into my site and Youtube channel for more content and the possible giveaway. You can view and find me on the sites below.

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