Armageddon XV (15), The Biggest West Coast NIC War, Is Scheduled for June 21, 2014

Music Video Recap for Armageddon 14 (2013)

In case my Southern California readers weren’t aware of this, the biggest (or arguably biggest) Nerf War on the NIC Modding Community is coming up this Saturday, June 21 2014. This has been a long time tradition (we’re on number 15 now!) with usually someone SCUN related hosting them.

This year it’s a bit special, we have Langley (one of the Nerf Haven Forum Creators) flying in from New Jersey to host and play! We also have people coming in from the Arizone, Utah, and San Francisco areas.

In case your not familiar with what the NIC is, it stands for Nerf Internet Community. While the internet has connected and help popularize “mainstream Nerfing” (Nerf with clip/mag fed blasters, Nerf blasters being modded and used for Wars) the term NIC within the NIC usually stands for blasters exhibiting higher power. Blasters and darts are often homemade. What rate of fire and ammo capacity is a little behind most Elite blasters, they make up for in range and accuracy.

I’ve been playing Nerf for about 5 years now, but I’ve never been to an Armageddon event. This year, I plan on changing that! I want to get better as a player, an event organizer, and experience a little different side of Nerf. Feel free to come and play Nerf, say hi to me and other Nerfers, and generally have a good time. I’ll be the guy wearing a panda hat and something panda related. 32 different people have marked themselves down as going on the Nerf Haven Forum topic, and some people are even bringing or inviting more.

To check out rules and what you need to bring, and see who’s marked themselves down as going, look at the rest on the post below or read here.

You can view the weather forecast for that day right here.

For a few videos of past events, check out SCUN’s Youtube channel.

Keep an eye out on my blog and Youtube channel for my loadout video and what I plan on bringing to the event.


21 June 2014

9:00 to 4:00

Stanton Elementary School
725 S Vencino Dr
Glendora, CA 91740

Frequently Asked Questions:


Where and when?
The war is 21 June, from 9:00 to whenever (usually 4:00, but later is not impossible). Location data is available above.

Slugs and safer darts only. No metal is preferred but I understand that to maximize attendance while keeping it safe I need to keep this restriction more open. If you do make slugs, use #6 washers and not #8 washers. Use Ryan McNumbers’ excellent guide available here if you plan on making slugs. If you use larger ammo, like megas or similar, keep them soft-tipped by the same guidelines as above.

Everyone is welcome to come, veterans and newcomers alike. I’m not going to outright ban people younger than 13 but if you are under 13 or plan on bringing someone who is, you are responsible for them all day and you are especially responsible for them remaining safe (hydrated and wearing eye protection). I will be running this war with the assistance of others (including, but not limited to, Ryan, Langley, and Apollo256).

What isn’t allowed?
With dart restrictions, there isn’t as much of a need for blaster regulations. Don’t bring Titans shooting micro darts because that’s just ridiculous. I and other war council advisors will spot-ban things if you are lasering dudes from a million miles away.

Blaster rules:

HOMEMADE AIRGUNS: If you are not Doom, please do not bring them.

TITANS: You may use them if they fire missiles (stock or Draconis or whatever) or balls. They must not be firing darts.

LBB/4B/UMB/SIMILAR: You may use them if they have the stock OPRV.

SUPER SOAKERS/SIMILAR: Do not bring them. If they shoot darts, they’re too powerful. If they shoot water, then people get mad.

SCEPTORS: If you want to use a Sceptor, make it colorful. Make it look as little like a paintball gun as possible. Wrap the tank in denim or something. If you replace the tank or pump, the OPRV must be kept at the same pressure and the tank volume may not be made any larger (stock, is about 800cc).

SUPERMAXX 2000/5000/9000: Do whatever. I hope you don’t blow up your tank.

MELEE WEAPONS: Don’t bring anything larger than these.

SHIELDS: Hits on shields count as hits on you if you plan to use them. If you have a Manta Ray, ask me about using it the day of and I might get nostalgic enough to say yes. (UPDATE: I am nostalgic enough to allow Manta Rays with non-replaced internals.)

What gametypes?
Expect to play some carpe testiculum and related gametypes. There will probably be some quick-run deathmatch as well, to suit those people like Gears with a bloodlust that knows no bounds. There will be minimal team captain team picking to keep downtime short. SoCal will also introduce you at least one of its classic gametypes!

Anything else?
Bring lots of water. I’ll probably end up picking up a pallet of water bottles as backup but it does get hot and you will probably be running around so expect to need to drink something.
Bring lots of sunscreen, because no one wants a sunburn now or skin cancer later.
Bring comfortable shoes. You will be running around.


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        1. Yeah I noticed that. What;s up with that? Do they just delete the old Geddon topics? I noticed they had posts from last year as well. As they merging them into this Geddon topic?


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