Basic Nerf Sept. 15, 2013 Church War Gameplay Videos

Back in September 2013, I had posted on Instagram with the above photo and teased that I would be hosting a Nerf War at that new church location. And today, I’ve finally uploaded and complied the gameplay videos for you all to watch on the blog. Check the rest of the post for a description on the rules and some of the things going on in the videos. I use the Rapidstrike CS-18 as my primary for all these games.
Indoor/Outdoor Church Nerf War – New Play Area & Rapidstrike Troubles (Games 1 & 2) (9/15/13)

TDM Rules have been used for the first two games. In addition to the rules being shown in the video,check out how to play TDM and it’s variants below.
Indoor/Outdoor Church Nerf War – Capture The Flags (Rapidstrike CS-18 Gameplay) (Games 3 & 4)
We play 2 Capture the Flag games in this new Church play area. But how will my team and I do in this still new area and gametype?

15 second re spawns at designated areas for each team were needed after a person was hit once. You can only pick up darts if you are alive. Each team controls 1 flag in their base, and must capture and control both their own flag and their opponent’s to win.
Nerf War Gameplay Blooper – The Accuracy of Nerf Darts
Accidentally shot a teammate during this game session. :P
Indoor/Outdoor Church Nerf War – The Crazy Dating/Blob Game (Gameplay) (Game 5)

This game is often called the Dating Game or Blob game in Airsoft. Here’s our rules for the game.

– Game starts off as a free for all. If you are shot, take a knee/put your hand up, and count to five outloud.
– When you are tagged after this, you join the team of the person who tagged you. Tagging someone brings them into this new team. There can only be 6 people on a team.
– The goal is to have a team of 6 people standing up while everyone else is sitting down or crouched.
Humans vs. Zombies Mini Game – In The Danger Zone (Game 6) (9/15/13)


Please note that these rules were designed for this specific play area, and may or may not work for your players and area.

– 3 Starting Main Zombies. It takes 2 hits to their torso area to stun them. If they are hit in their arms or legs, they can not use them. Zombie Stun Timer is 30 seconds. Zombies must tag all humans to win.
– Humans must survive 15 minutes. If there is at least one human alive when the time is up, Humans win. If a human is tagged by a zombie or their melee weapon, they become a zombie after 30 seconds.
– Humans can not go into rooms or buildings, with the exception of one.


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