Nerf Zombie Strike Slingfire & 25 Dart Drum Package Deal From Kohls

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Kohls has recently put up a web listing for a package deal featuring the Zombie Strike Slingfire and the N-Strike Elite Rampage’s 25 Dart Drum. The drum has had some positive feedback from Nerfers for it’s smaller size, and better feeding then the previous Raider’s 35 darm drum.

Although the combo package is welcome, the price is a bit too high for most people’s preference. $59.99, and it’s “on sale” for $47.99 at the moment. For reference, a Slingfire usually retails for $19.99, and a Rampage for $27.99. Those too things combined are already less then this Kohls package, and you get more from buying them separately.

Kohls members who have a membership cards may be able to get this for a lower price, and the price may lower in the future, so don’t entirely discount this package out.


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7 thoughts on “Nerf Zombie Strike Slingfire & 25 Dart Drum Package Deal From Kohls”

  1. Its Kohls, so everything is marked up, then discounted, then discounted again. I ordered it online and it came out to 37.88 shipped with my Kohls account order.


  2. LOL my stores just got the Slingfire. Everyone in my circle of friends got it via Amazon because stores were too slow.

    All my stores in the city keep sitting on their Nerf inventory because they can’t get the new blasters in time fast enough! They’re going nuts over this! The clerk at the aisle was looking so happy when he was done filling the aisle with the last Slingfire and Doublestrikes. Then we showed pictures of the new releases and asked when they will arrive. You could almost hear something crack in his mind hahaahahaaa


    1. Dang, your stores are barely getting Slingfires? They must be slow :P. Where are you located at out of curiosity?

      And as for the new releases question, was his look more of an angry or crazy look? Haha.


  3. I’m in Europe, Austria. UK, then Germany, and then Austria get the new toys, in that order. Which means once it hits Amazon, everything is shelf-warming over here!

    He had a mix of both emotions across his face! Every time new stuff comes in, it’s already old news, and he gets stuck with more and more inventory he can’t get rid of!


  4. Nerf stuff at Kohl’s is always hideously overpriced unless it’s on clearance… People only buy it there because they think it’s cheaper than elsewhere like the non-toy stuff.


  5. Bought this today at Kohl’s. Priced at 59.99 and 20% off 48.00. Bonus buy additional 20% off 38.40, then 30% off that price with Kohl’s charge. Bottom line 26.88. (Plus kohls cash and rewards) Kohl’s always overcharges but with discounts, not a bad price considering it’s about 19.99 without the extra accessories and bullets. Ended up buying 7 for all the boys in the family for Christmas Eve :). (Oh and 1 girl Nerf set for the only girl in the family)


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