Exclusive Nerf MEGA Rotofury Reveal, Product Description, Release Date & Price Revealed & Discussed

Thanks to my PR Contacts at Nerf, they’ve sent exclusive information in the form of an image, production description, release date/release frame, and price. You can check those out below, as well as my thoughts on the blaster’s design, price, and game functions.

Video version of the news discussion if your more of a visual/audio person.

(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $34.99/Available: Fall 2015)
Supersize your NERF battles and dominate the field with the highest capacity MEGA blaster ever! The MEGA RotoFury blaster gives you the option of firing one MEGA Whistler Dart at a time, or slam firing a steady stream of ten darts in a row. Hear the darts whistle as they fly through the air and hit targets up to 90 feet away. Includes 10 MEGA Whistler Darts. Available at most major retailers nationwide and HasbroToyShop.com.

My thoughts on the design & Game/Battle Potential Thoughts:

The blaster is probably going to be on the big side. We don’t have any thing to compare it to in size, just this product image. But almost all the Mega blasters have been on the bulky or big side. There is sadly no stock or stock attachment point. But then again, none of the MEGA blasters can take stocks without modding them.

This is the highest capacity MEGA blaster so yet, so that’s a great unique feature it has going for it, even if it’s just going from 6 darts (the old max capacity of the MEGA series) to 10, it’s still an over 50 percent capacity upgrade. Most Nerfers use 12 or 18 dart mags, so having 10 darts helps get you a little closer to that number.

The 3 sling points on the handle, top/front, and back will be handy in holding the weight and size of the blaster. However it might give you some trouble when trying to raise and fire at opponents.

The open revolver/cylinder style drum will help with reloads. This will help keep your low capacity of the drum up and allow you to do so during breaks in the games or in between Nerf battles before you move on to your next opponent.

and finally the Slam fire feature is a welcomed back addition. Something that’s been lacking with the MEGA series is the high rates of fire. While I still find Slamfire a little unnatural, it’s still nice to have the option to get the high rate of fire from a Slam Fire blaster. Hopefully it’s not as clunky as the Vortex Revonix360 slam fire.

Price Thoughts:

I think the suggested retail of $34.99 is very fair. While your not getting more darts or clips compared to something such as a Rapidstrike or even a MEGA Centurion, this is still the highest capacity for the Nerf Mega series so far. Again if the games you play in have MEGA darts causing 1 hit KOs, then this should help prove it’s worth.

The form and style of the blaster also remind me of the N-Strike Raider and Vortex Revonix360, which were priced at $34.99 and $39.99. Also take into consideration that this blaster probably has more plastic in it due to it’s bigger size. So to keep the price of this blaster within the similar ranges helps add my to fair price thought.

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