Announcing & Reviewing the New Dorm Labs Angled Foregrip

Today, I’m proud to help announce the New Dorm Labs Angled Foregrip! Dorm Labs is a USA based company that prints and sells 3D, fan made Nerf accessories. My usage of it in games and events that I’ve been to the past year has been able to help them refine this grip.

Most people’s idea of a grip if a vertical, up and down attachment of some sort. But some people, myself included, have found that holding the vertical grip at an angle (instead of up and down) is more comfortable. To take advantage of this natural body chemistry for people, firearms companies have made grips that attach at an angle. The grip attaches with two tabs, while four screws are used to secure & clamp them down here the Nerf tactical rails. Due to it’s size, the grip will only work on the Rapidstrike, Retaliator barrel, or Longstrike barrel.

A few others around the world have made their own versions, this is the first opportunity for USA players to access this style of grip. The grip is available for purchase for $14.99 on their site. However, with the exclusive coupon code “basicnerf”, you’ll get 20% off the total cost of the grip! Click here to view and buy it on the Dorm Labs site.

To read my full review, and to see the video review version of the grip, please check out the rest of the post below.

Video Review, featuring small gameplay clips. Recommended watching in order to give you a visual representation of the grip and what I talk about.

Again, since most people’s idea of a grip is a vertical attachment, an idea of an angled foregrip is foreign to many people. However, people do many tasks with their hands at horizontal angles, such as use their phones, type on their keyboards, use their mice with computers, and lift weights. Since the angled foregrip takes advantage of people’s chemistry, there are numerous benefits to using this over a vertical grip.

Using the grip, I feel that carrying blasters was easier due to them feeling lighter. Again, using the grip forces you to hold the blaster in particular ways, which makes you feel that the blaster weight is lesser. Another benefit is that it’s small on the bottom, so that it gives the blaster a slightly smaller look and profile, versus the look a vertical grip would give you. This benefits you the most when your playing indoors, in close quarters, or when you need to make yourself smaller and less noticed in things such as Humans vs. Zombies games.

And lastly, you’ll be able to have better horizontal aiming. Using a horizontal grip will help you prevent over sway from moving your blaster from target to target. With the small cost, and USA based shipping, I would highly recommend this grip for people looking for something a bit different then their normal Nerf grips. I can’t guarantee that you’ll perform better when using this grip, since we’re all different. But I was Nerfing more comfortably, which did lead to me playing and performing better.

You can purchase the Dorm Labs Angled Foregrip for $14.99 here.
Use the coupon code “basicnerf” (minus the quotes) for 20% off the grip price!

2 thoughts on “Announcing & Reviewing the New Dorm Labs Angled Foregrip”

  1. I was so happy when you first came out with this review! One, it was a cool little video that I enjoyed watching. Two, I was definitely planning on getting this foregrip from them… However, just a little while later, they were totally unavailable to find or purchase. That seems to happen a lot on the DormLabs website, unfortunately. Bummer.


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