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How To Play Nerf War Games, Game Types & Rules From The Nerf Internet Community

Hey there blog readers. A question I often get asked in my videos is, how do you play Nerf? A similar question I also receive is, what’s going in your videos? Nerf games and it’s rules are not known to the casual viewer or player. There are also no widely sanctioned rules, since Nerf is not an official sport to many the way basketball, football/soccer, or cricket is. Nerf players have used the internet to collaborate and share game types with each other.

UPDATED: August 10, 2014

Below is a list of the game types I’ve personally used when hosting events, and I’ve also listed a few popular ones I’ve seen going around online as well. Feel free to share game types that have worked for you that aren’t listed in the comments section!

This post will also be a work in progress, in the future I plan on adding a section for rules that I’ve used in things such as safety, blasters that I allow in my games, hit calling, and things of that nature.

TDM, Team Deathmatch
Two teams of equal amounts of people and skill face off against each other with 3 hit points. If a person is hit three times, or shot in the head area once, they are eliminated from the game. Getting shot in the head simulates a “headshot.” To win, one team must eliminate all other members on the opposing team. It’s a fairly simple game type mode, but it is one of the more competitive ones. Games can also vary in length, but in my experiences tend to last in the 8-10 minutes mark. You can watch an indoor TDM gameplay video below.

TDM Variants:
– 3/15. This is popular in NIC Wars featuring heavily modded blasters, homemades, and Stefans. Players again have 3 hit points, but depending on how the rules are set, headshots may or may not be an instant out and only subtract one hit point. If a player is hit, they must leave the immediate play area, count to 15 seconds out loud, and then they are allowed back in minus one hit point. A fair system to help make sure players aren’t overwhelmed by faster firing blasters, but it can slow the game down a bit.

– Multiple Team TDM – Played with the either of the rules mentioned above. However, instead of there being two teams of equal numbers, there are more teams with smaller amounts of people in them. E.G. instead of 9 vs. 9, it’s now 3 vs 3 vs 3 vs 3 vs 3 vs 3, or 3 teams of 6 people playing against each other. Usually with bigger areas, you’ll want more teams. In smaller areas, you’ll probably want lesser amounts of teams. You can also add lesser skilled or lesser equipped players to weaker teams to help make up for lesser skilled teams.

This is an interesting game mode since it adds another dimension of having to watch out for other additional teams and players. In my experiences it also emphasizes team communication as well. You can watch a gameplay video of it below.

Capture The Flag
Capture the Flag is an old, but classic game type. The most common, and most successful CTF variant in my hosting experiences is having each team have their flag close to their base/spawn point. There are two flags, once for each team. Teams must have both their own flag and opponents in their base for them to win the game. You can do something such as best two out of three games wins, or just winning one game wins the whole thing.

If a person is hit (usually once or twice, headshots can or can not make a person go back to respawn right away), they must go back to a spawn point, count out-loud (usually 15-20 seconds/Mississippis is a good number) and their their back in the game. People spawning in can not shoot, and can not be shot at unless they leave a certain area. Organizers must be very careful to not put the spawn points and flags too closely together or else flags are too easily defend-able. Time limits also help a lot to ensure games don’t go too long. 20 minutes has worked well for me.

You can watch a gameplay video I recorded of an Indoor CTF game.

Capture The Flag Variants:

– Free Floating Flags – Follows the same rules as your usual CTF rules (whatever ones you set or decide to use), but the two flags are “free floating”, which means they are unclaimed and a team must get both in their base in order to win. I don’t recommend this since the game becomes one of agility at the start, and a team could easily get both flags, meaning the game could end early.

– Speed CTF –

Speed CTF is a variant of CTF. Rounds are 3 minutes long. People are eliminated and out after 2 hits. Rounds are won by eliminating the opposing team and/or capturing their flag. Each flag capture is a point for your team. First team to 3 points win. After each flag capture, there is a two minute period in which teams gather ammo, then the game is back on.

After 3 rounds, if the score is tied, the first team to score wins the rounds. This game type makes the most out of small amount play areas, but it can get a little boring a bit fast. This is due to the game become more of a deathmatch/eliminating the other players since the flags are so hard to get. You can watch a gameplay video of it below however.

Siege The Fort

Siege the Fort is a very simple game, which has seemed to work simplest on playground equipment in parks. This is where it gets it’s name “Siege the Fort” from. There are two teams, offense, and defense. The offensive team has to shoot people on the defending team 3 times each. If a person on the defending team is hit 3 times, or is hit in the head, they must go touch the respawn point and join the offensive team. Members of the offensive team have one hit point in them. If they are hit, they must touch a respawn point.

If you want to add win conditions, you can have a time limit that the defending team must try to survive until (10 minutes is a good number), or have the offensive team try and capture an item from the defender’s base. With blasters getting better ranges and higher rates of fire now a days vs. back when my friends and I came up with game in 2012, spawn timers for the offensive team are recommended now. 15 seconds has worked well for my events. You can gameplay videos I recorded for both the offensive and defensive side of Siege.



Pistols or Goldeneye

With many people using mag fed, rapid firing blasters now a days, sometimes it’s nice to play slower Nerf game types. Having an all Pistols match accomplishes this goal and can make for a different sort of gameplay. Pistol shaped blasters or single shooting blasters are the only ones allowed in this game mode. Motorized blasters are not allowed in this game. 2 Hits provide a nice medium from my experiences here.

– 6 Dart Mags or Less – If you do allow mags or clips, a size of 6 is a nice size. Anything more and that provides too much of an advantage to those using them.

– Goldeneye – Based off the “Golden Gun” game type, everybody has 1 hit point. In the James Bond Goldeneye video game, the Golden Gun is a one hit kill on a player. So getting hit is an instant elimination for this Nerf version. This game mode is usually on the quick side. You can watch a gameplay video of the Nerf Goldeneye game type below.


The game rules always change when I play this, but essentially you take a few people, give them things such as shields, the best blasters, or a higher hit count, and have them face off against the rest of the players. Game balance is usually very hard to get right in this game type.

Mini Humans vs. Zombies

A “mini” HvZ game with rules designed in mind to be played in smaller areas, speed up the normal game, and help strengthen the Zombies. In the Mini HvZ games I’ve been in, Zombies have stun timers around 15-30 seconds, with 2 or 3 hits to stun them. The Zombies win by tagging all the Humans, and the Humans win by achieving whatever win conditions are set before. This can be things such as trying to survive until a certain time limit is reached, holding onto a flag or item for a certain amount of time, etc.

– Objectives – If you want to spice things up, you can add objectives that the Humans or Zombies have to accomplish. Seems work best for bigger, outdoor space. In the video clip below, two teams fight over a flag while trying to defend themselves from Zombies.

The Dating Game or Blob Game

The Dating Game, also known as the Blob Game, is a game type that actually started off in the Airsoft community. However, it works solidly in Nerf games as well. For Airsoft rules, 3 or 4 teams often start off in even numbers. If a person is tagged, they must kneel or put their hand up, and they can now be physically tagged by any person from a team. When a person is tagged, they are added to the team of the person who tagged him/her. In the end, the game should have everyone on one team trying to hunt down a few or one person.

Dating Game/Blob Game Variants:

Depending on where you play, the skill level, and the number of people playing, you may want to edit some rules. Rules you can edit include having more or less people on teams, no teams to start off, a timer that must be counted out loud before you tag people to make them join, or having a team win instead of everyone joining the same team. You Can view a gameplay video of a Dating Game variant below.

Rules Used for the Above Video:
– Game starts off as a free for all. If you are shot, take a knee/put your hand up, and count to five outloud.
– When you are tagged after this, you join the team of the person who tagged you. Tagging someone brings them into this new team. There can only be 6 people on a team.
– The goal is to have a team of 6 people standing up while everyone else is sitting down or crouched.

Again, please feel free to leave a comment and let us know about the kind of game types you and your groups like to play. Which ones in particular have had the most success? Which ones do you feel like have great potential to be fun?

1 Million Blog Views

Goldfish – One Million Views ft. John Mani

By the way, do you like my tactical Nerf banana I’m using above?

Wow, it’s been quite the journey. In late April, my site reached the one million views mark. I never thought I would reach one million site views, or even get contacted by toy companies’ public relations teams to sample & review toys, or buy over $500 worth of camera equipment to simply record the games I play in, or even if I would still be blogging 5 years from when I started the site.

There have been Nerf blogs who have started around the same time as me, and they no longer post. I can’t tell you when I will ever stop posting, making videos, or when I’ll loose my interest in Nerf. What I can tell you is that I feel like I’m only a few layers deep into the content and experiences that I’ve yet to share with you all. My passion and interest for Nerf as a sport and hobby have changed and evolved, yet they both remain strong.

I’m very grateful for all the time you’ve visited my site, watched one of my videos, left a comment, or shared some of my content. I’m also close to 2 Million video views on Youtube, but none of my success is possible without you, the readers and viewers.

I know I don’t do this often, but I’m thinking hard about possibly doing a worldwide giveaway for a few items as a way of saying thanks to some of you. And when I say some, I say it because not ALL of you can win the giveaway. I don’t have that much money haha.

For now, keep your eyes and ears tuned into my site and Youtube channel for more content and the possible giveaway. You can view and find me on the sites below.

The Blog:

Twitter Feed


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Basic Nerf 8/25/13 Nerf War Video Footage & Recap

Nerf War TDM- Enemies At The Front (Rapidstrike CS-18 12.6v Gameplay) (Game 1)

Hey everyone, in case your not subscribed to my Youtube channel at this point, I would highly recommend you do so. But anyways this is my first event that I took the Rapidstrike to. It was the first event of many that it took to get used to this blaster and use it properly. We played five games that day, but I only uploaded four since one of them was a bit boring to watch. I hope you guys enjoy the videos!

This game is from a series of games that I played on August 25, 2013. It’s also my first Nerf event using the Rapidstrike blaster. It’s running 3 Trustfire batteries at 12.6v. I admit, it took me months and most of 2013 to get a good handle on the Rapidstrike and what it can and can’t do.

Nerf War TDM – 2 Shields vs. None (Rapidstrike CS-18 12.6v Gameplay) (Game 2)

My struggling Nerf skills & a Rapidstrike vs. two shields. Who wins?

P.S. Not a fan of shields in Nerf Wars.

Humans vs. Zombies Mini Game 8/25/13 – Can’t Touch This (Rapidstrike 12.6v Gameplay) (Game 4)

The rules we came up with for this specific game on that day.

– There must be one human or more at the end of ten minutes for the humans to win.
– Zombies must tag all the humans before the time limit is up to win.
– Zombies take 3 hits to stun.
– Stun time is 30 seconds.

In this game, I also see what the Rapidstrike can do in HvZ situations.

Nerf War Siege 8/25/13 – Meet My Rapidstrike (Rapidstrike 12.6v Gameplay) (Game 5)

If you get within a certain distance of a Rapidstrike, you’re probably going to get hit. I show that off here in this video.

Rules for Siege:

Siege the Fort is a very simple game. There are two teams, attackers and defenders. The attacking team starts off with 2 or 3 people, and have one hit on them. When they are hit, they must go back and touch their spawn point to re-enter the game.

The defenders start off on the playground equipment or in a defensive position/area. They have 3 hits on them. When they are hit 3 times, they must go touch the respawn point, and then join the attacking team. The attacking team tries to convert all the defenders to attackers, and the defending team tries to stay alive as long as possible. You can edit the defender goal to have them try and survive a certain amount of time in order to give them a victory condition.

Update: Popular Youtuber Modder Coop772 Returns to Nerf


UPDATE: Coop772 has indeed returned to the Nerf hobby! He recently uploaded a video, embedded below.

While we still don’t know ALL of the reasons as to why he he left, he confirms that the speculations of him getting a bit “burned out” were on the true side. Whatever the case may be, it’s good to have him coming back into the hobby.

Coop’s new Facebook page cover photo shown above.

In case you don’t remember, popular Nerf modder Coop772 decided to quit Nerf and Youtube back in January. However last night, he updated his Facebook page profile picture and cover photo with new photos, featuring a new logo.

He also linked a video to the Kings of Leon song “Coming Back Again” today. Specifically to the one minute, forty nine second mark, in which the song says “back again
I got a feeling coming back again”. You can view that song below.

In addition to that, his site has also been updated with the song and cover photo.

While there hasn’t been any OFFICIAL word on his return, things are looking good for a return of his. Stay tuned to Basic Nerf for more information as it gets revealed.

Throwback Thursday: Basic Nerf Footage in International GoPro Weekend 2013


My first ever Throwback Thursday post is a little bit special.  During the weekend of March 15, 16, and 17 2013, many people with GoPro cameras across the world joined together in a project called International GoPro Weekend. During that weekend, over 127 fans, in 42 different countries filmed what they did with their GoPro cameras. The result is a about a 25 minute video showing off the weekend. It’s a pretty cool video all in itself as well.

I never got around to showing or mentioning to you all that my footage was in the video, not sure why. But you can go to around 19:43 and watch it for about a minute if you want a few clips of my gameplay. I was the only one who submitted any Nerf/Paintball/Airsoft/Laser Tag sort of footage for the project.

Watching the video a year later, it impacts me a bit harder. Knowing that a single camera/brand united many different kinds of human lifes together really sort of humbled me, but it also helped me realize that perhaps myself and the next person aren’t so different after all. If you want to view the full games/clips, you can check them out below.

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Basic Nerf’s Indoor/Outdoor Church War Videos (6/23/13)

Indoor/Outdoor Nerf War TDM – RushRushRush (Game 1) (Stryfe Masterkey Gameplay)
Game 1 from this play session. I tried some new things like a Hit Point counter and player hit indicators so that you can hopefully follow along more easier. Please leave a comment telling me what you think about these things!

I’m back to uploading Nerf War videos folks. If your familiar with my videos, you’ll see this is the same church that I’ve played in before. But it’s a little different from my previous games/videos because in these, for the first time ever, I’ve opened up some of the doors. This allows for another dimension to the game, since there’s both inside and outside.

This was my last session of games in which the Stryfe Masterkey was my main primary blaster, so look out for plenty of Rapidstrike gameplay in the future. Also, this was the day after I had received my Mega Centurion blaster sample, so look out for a bit of gameplay with it in the videos below.

Indoor/Outdoor Nerf War TDM – Covering Our Corner (Game 2) (Stryfe Masterkey Gameplay)
Game 2 from this play session. I tried some new things like a Hit Point counter and player hit indicators so that you can hopefully follow along more easier. Please leave a comment telling me what you think about these things!

Head down below to see 5 more different gameplay videos.
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I’m Back To Uploading Nerf War Game Videos, But I Need Your Input

Indoor/Outdoor Nerf War TDM – RushRushRush (Game 1) (Stryfe Masterkey Gameplay)

Well I’m back uploading Nerf War videos on my Youtube channel now, and I’m trying new things in order for my viewers to follow along more easily. I’ve included Hit Markers/Indicators, which pop up on screen and let you know when I hit a player. They look a little something like the image below.


Also as you can see in the top left corner, I’ve included my own Hit Point counter to let you know how many hits I’ve taken, and how many I have left until I’m out. In games like Team Deathmatch, or games where it takes you multiple hits to get out, keeping track of your hits is an important thing. In the video below, the only change I’ve made is that the hit point/life counter only appears when I take a hit.

Do you like it with the Counter always being in the video, like in the top one? Or only have it appear once I take a hit, such as in the bottom video? If you could take the time to comment on this post, or any of those two videos, it would be very much appreciated.

Indoor/Outdoor Nerf War TDM – Covering Our Corner (Game 2) (Stryfe Masterkey Gameplay)

Also, I have more game play videos from that play session, including 2 Elite Alpha Trooper games, and a little bit of Mega Centurion game play as well.

A Goodbye to Nerf Mods & Reviews (2009 – 2014)

nerf mods logo

On Friday, January 10, 2014, Nerf Mods & Reviews finally decided to stop posting. It’s been an amazing 5 year run, first started off by jerm781. After he decided to stop posting, it was then carried on to the below list of contributors at one point or another.


The site has close to 900 posts (889 to be exact). At the time of this post the site also has 6,860,567 views. That’s an amazing amount for our hobby I would say. I’ve used this site a good amount of times in trying to figure out how to modify blasters, look at internal photos, find deals on Nerf items, and even get Nerf news of my own.

Mike of Tactical Tag, one of the NM&R contributors, decided to give some of his thoughts into explaining the end of posting to the site. Below is a paragraph from his explanation post.

It’s not really any one person’s fault. Nerf Mods & Reviews needed someone full-time to continue things, and everyone we managed to find was already doing something on their own. It still has an obvious impact on the community, what with 5 years of valuable posts on reviews, modifications, and the news that it brought to light. However, it’s really just a time capsule now of a great era for Nerf blogs. Nerf Mods & Reviews was one of my “Big 3” that I used to reference so frequently… and one by one they are becoming more a part of the past than the future. Urban Taggers did it right. SG Nerf hasn’t admitted they’re out yet.

Nerf Mods & Reviews will remain open as a sort of “time capsule” to allow Nerfers both past and present to continue to use the resources such as internals and mod guides.

Happy New Year from Basic Nerf, & Updates For 2014

Photo from my last Nerf Event I participated in in 2013

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a good 2013, and a Happy New Year so far in 2014!

If your wondering why my blog posts and video context have slowed down recently, or would like to know what video and blog content I have planned for you all in the future, feel free to check below.
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Camarillo HvZ Moves to Oxnard for Winter 2013 Games, Dates & Location Found Here

An action shot from our Summer 2013, Day 2 Game.

Channel Islands Airsoft Field


PaintBall USA Ventura
5011 W Gonzales Rd, Oxnard, CA

The Paintball and Airsoft field are separate, but next to each other. Be sure to go to the Airsoft field for the game, NOT the Paintball field.

More In Depth Directions:

December 28, 2013 & January 4, 2014 (Saturdays)
(They are separate, new games. If you can’t make both, feel free to go to only one then.)

Games go from about 9 AM to around Dusk, with a lunch break around Noon.

What to Bring:
Appropriate clothing. There isn’t much shade at this field. Also there’s lots of bushes and more unsteady terrain then the usual Mission Oaks/Mission Verde Park we play at. Pants and shoes with good support are very high recommended. Check below for a weather report.

$10 to pay to play. The $10 is per day, so if you attended both game days you would pay $10 on each day.
A safety waiver needs to be signed to play. People under 18 must get it signed by a guardian. Waiver can be found and filled out at the game or signed ahead of time and brought. Link to Waiver is found below.

Eye Protection is also mandatory to play. Your usual NIC eye protection will serve you just fine, and these forms of eye protection are also allowed.
Shooting Glasses
Paintball or Airsoft protection, as long as it protects your eyes.
Prescription Glasses
Sun Glasses

Sunscreen is recommended.
A hat is also recommended.
Water, there aren’t any water fountains or water sources there.
Money for Lunch or your own lunch.
A Bandanna to mark if your a Human or Zombie.
Blasters (nothing to crazyily modded)
A good attitude

What NOT to bring:
Banned blasters from Nerf Wars
Common sense stuff that’s way too powerful.
Stefans or Custom Darts

Hey there everyone, Camarillo HvZ for Winter 2013 is back to announce game dates and a location to everyone. We’ve had some problems with the City of Camarillo recently enforcing their code, so we can’t play in Mission Verde Park this Winter. In the mean time, we’ve secured a new location to play at at the Channel Island Airsoft Field in Oxnard. Even though there is a $10 payment, mandatory eye protection, and waivers that must be signed, the organizers and myself believe that this play area will be a refreshing new take on our usual Camarillo HvZ games. A few photos of this new location can be viewed below.

This past Summer 2013, we had 70 Players attend Day 1, and 89 Players attend Day 2. The Day 2 single day attendance set our biggest single game day record so far! This will also be the 5 year anniversary of the games, so thank you for everyone of you who have attended and gotten your friends to come. Here’s to 5 more years of HvZ!

Event Link:

Photos of Channel Island Airsoft Field:


Feel Free to Join the Facebook Group!

Game Photos from Summer 2013, Day 2.