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Perpetual Play Teases Two New Doomlands 2169 Melee Items, “Swift Justice” & “Vigilance”

Product shot of the upcoming “Swift Justice”, from the Doomlands 2169 Line”

Thanks to my contacts at Hasbro/Nerf for the news and image shots. I’m being told that these new Foam Melee items will be available to be viewed at San Diego Comic Con this year! They are made by Perpetual Play Group, which has made solid Nerf items and accessories the in not so distant past for Nerf. The “Swift Justice”, pictured above, closely resembles a knife. While the “Vigilance” below looks similar to an axe.

No information on pricing or targeted release frame yet, but keep your eyes and ears open to my site for that info in the future!

Product shot of the upcoming “Vigilance”, from the Doomlands 2169 Line”

Check the rest of the post for two more looks at the Swift Justive and Vigilance.
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Announcing & Reviewing the New Dorm Labs Angled Foregrip

Today, I’m proud to help announce the New Dorm Labs Angled Foregrip! Dorm Labs is a USA based company that prints and sells 3D, fan made Nerf accessories. My usage of it in games and events that I’ve been to the past year has been able to help them refine this grip.

Most people’s idea of a grip if a vertical, up and down attachment of some sort. But some people, myself included, have found that holding the vertical grip at an angle (instead of up and down) is more comfortable. To take advantage of this natural body chemistry for people, firearms companies have made grips that attach at an angle. The grip attaches with two tabs, while four screws are used to secure & clamp them down here the Nerf tactical rails. Due to it’s size, the grip will only work on the Rapidstrike, Retaliator barrel, or Longstrike barrel.

A few others around the world have made their own versions, this is the first opportunity for USA players to access this style of grip. The grip is available for purchase for $14.99 on their site. However, with the exclusive coupon code “basicnerf”, you’ll get 20% off the total cost of the grip! Click here to view and buy it on the Dorm Labs site.

To read my full review, and to see the video review version of the grip, please check out the rest of the post below.

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Nerf Announces the NEW Doomlands 2169 Blaster Line

Nerf Doomlands Lawbringer Blaster - oop

Lawbringer blaster, shown above

After some leaked photos, I finally have word on their confirmation and a new line! Check out official information and photos on upcoming Doomlands 2169 line, coming out Fall 2015. Stay tuned for more information and my thoughts on these blasters.

Nerf Doomlands Vagabond Blaster - oop

The Vegabond


With the debut of the NERF DOOMLANDS 2169 line, members of NERF NATION can become the heroes of the future. This all-new NERF blaster segment was designed to inspire active, imaginative play with a futuristic edge only the NERF brand can provide. The year is 2169, nearly a century after an asteroid impact wiped out civilization as we know it. The post-apocalyptic wasteland once known as earth is filled with bands of marauding thieves and all manners of creatures. Now, the time has come for a hero to emerge from the wild, savage land to deliver justice and freedom to the human race with the new NERF DOOMLANDS 2169 blasters by their side.

The debut DOOMLANDS 2169 lineup, featuring the LAWBRINGER blaster with a twelve dart rotating barrel and the pump-action VAGABOND blaster, is available exclusively at Target this fall and features all new sci-fi steam-punk designs, visible firing mechanisms, and NERF performance. In the epic battle for the future, NERF NATION will prevail.

The Fall 2015 NERF DOOMLANDS 2169 line includes:


(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $34.99/Available: August 1, 2015)

Patrol the lawless landscape and fight for justice with the NERF DOOMLANDS 2169 LAWBRINGER blaster at your side. The formidable LAWBRINGER blaster features a twelve dart rotating barrel and visible hammer mechanism for blasting, while integrated dart storage allows for quick reloads on the run. With the LAWBRINGER blaster, no futuristic foe is safe. Blaster comes with twelve NERF DOOMLANDS 2169 darts. Available exclusively at Target.



(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $24.99/Available: August 1, 2015)

Survive the savage future and dominate post-apocalyptic battles using the NERF DOOMLANDS 2169 VAGABOND blaster. With unique DOOMLANDS style, pump action firing, and a six dart rotating barrel, the VAGABOND blaster is an essential tool for future freedom fighters. Includes six NERF DOOMLANDS 2169 darts. Available exclusively at Target.


(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $9.99/Available: August 1, 2015)

Stock up on extra NERF ammo to ensure dominance in the wild future. Post-apocalyptic heroes carrying the DOOMLANDS 2169 30-DART refill won’t be caught with an empty blaster in battle. DOOMLANDS foam darts feature gold deco with signature DOOMLANDS logo. Available exclusively at Target.

1 Million Blog Views

Goldfish – One Million Views ft. John Mani

By the way, do you like my tactical Nerf banana I’m using above?

Wow, it’s been quite the journey. In late April, my site reached the one million views mark. I never thought I would reach one million site views, or even get contacted by toy companies’ public relations teams to sample & review toys, or buy over $500 worth of camera equipment to simply record the games I play in, or even if I would still be blogging 5 years from when I started the site.

There have been Nerf blogs who have started around the same time as me, and they no longer post. I can’t tell you when I will ever stop posting, making videos, or when I’ll loose my interest in Nerf. What I can tell you is that I feel like I’m only a few layers deep into the content and experiences that I’ve yet to share with you all. My passion and interest for Nerf as a sport and hobby have changed and evolved, yet they both remain strong.

I’m very grateful for all the time you’ve visited my site, watched one of my videos, left a comment, or shared some of my content. I’m also close to 2 Million video views on Youtube, but none of my success is possible without you, the readers and viewers.

I know I don’t do this often, but I’m thinking hard about possibly doing a worldwide giveaway for a few items as a way of saying thanks to some of you. And when I say some, I say it because not ALL of you can win the giveaway. I don’t have that much money haha.

For now, keep your eyes and ears tuned into my site and Youtube channel for more content and the possible giveaway. You can view and find me on the sites below.

The Blog:

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Dual Cameras – A Small Preview for my 2013 Nerf War videos

If you’ve ever seen any of my GoPro Nerf videos, I recently got another one and decided to do the dual camera view. If you enjoy my videos, do you think you would enjoy this second view?

I’ll probably end up moving the second camera view from the top right to the top left. Also, I think I set the camera too close to my face. If I grab the barrel, it covers a decent amount of the view, and if I move the camera back you’ll be able to see more, so with that in mind it’ll be moved back in later videos.

But I’m not sure how much I’ll even show the second camera view. I’m not sure if I want to show the gun cam video in segments or special pieces, or just leave it running the whole game.
What do you think? Any of your input would be great!

Basic Nerf Giveaway: Win a N-Strike Elite Stryfe (USA/So-Cal Residents Only)

Southern California, Camarillo Humans vs. Zombies event (Dec. 16 & Dec. 23)

My first every giveaway, for my youtube channel reaching over 1000 subscribers, and my blog reaching over 300,000 views! Be sure to like & favorite this video, as well as sub to me to enter the contest. Also follow the rules below.

Only open to USA residents. If your a guy, type in the comments “give that guy a Nerf Stryfe.” If your a girl, type in “give that girl a Nerf Stryfe”. Then also include what you would do with the blaster if you got it. Contests is open from December 1, 2012 to December 22, 2012. I’ll be announcing the winner 9 PM PST.

Good luck to everyone!

If you go the HvZ event mentioned above, you’ll also have a chance to win one there along with other prizes. Entries will only be accepted in the video above.

Basic Nerf November 20, 2012 Update


Hey everyone, just a quick update on whats gonna be going on for the next month. I hosted an indoor Nerf War Saturday night, and then went to one on Sunday. I got plenty of games to show you guys from that. Those were my last Nerf events until Camarillo, CA Humans vs. Zombies December 16 and December 23. I might have a review before then, and the blog is gonna slow down on content a bit.

I’ll be uploading videos of those HvZ events after their done, but until then I’ll be uploaded videos from the past two events every other day to give you content until game day. Heres the first video! Keep checking my Youtube channel for more content!

Until then keep Nerfing!