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Camarillo, CA Winter 2012 Humans vs. Zombies (Dec 16 & 23 2012)

Camarillio, CA Humans vs. Zombies Winter 2012 Trailer, ALL footage shown is from the Summer 2012 Game.

5501 Mission Oaks Blvd
Camarillo, CA, US
(Searching up Mission Verde Park, Camarillo CA in Google Maps will also direct you to the right place.)

December 16 & 23 (Sundays) 2012

What to Bring:
Warm Clothing! It is in December, and weather forecasts are showing weather in the low 60s for that day.
Sunscreen is recommended.
A hat is also recommended.
Water, theres only a couple of water fountains.
Money for Lunch or your own lunch
Blasters (nothing to crazyily modded)
A good attitude

What NOT to bring:
Banned blasters from Nerf Wars
Common sense stuff thats way too powerful.

Hey guys, if you happen to be in Southern California, feel free to come to the Camarillo, Mission Oaks Park day long game. If you know anything about Southern California Humans vs. Zombies games, you’ll know that theres not a lot of colleges or schools that have them over here. Thats why I’m pushing hard for this game by inviting people I know as well as blogging about it.

Camarillo is about an hour and a half drive from Los Angeles. The drive is well worth it though. Some unique things about this game is that the mod team changes every year. Each mod brings a different outlook on game missions and objectives, which makes for a truly unique experience each game. Game time is usually from 10 am to 4 pm with a lunch break around noon.

There is no starve out period, and stun timers are shorter to make up for the day long game.

The park has two decent sized fields on it, but the major terrain perk is that theres a two or three mile long winding creek that is great for missions and surprise attacks.

Only 1 safe zone.

An additional, smaller park two blocks away that is also sometimes used for missions.

Camarillo Humans vs. Zombies is back for Winter 2012! I’m actually the head organizer this time around, and I’m bring some new ideas to the table, including things like zombie missions, zombie buffs and rewards, and prizes to be handed out at the end of the game! This past game had 70 people attend, the second biggest game in Camarillo history. If your visiting and in the LA County area, why not come over to play some HvZ? If your thinking about going, we would love to have you!

Feel free to leave any questions here or on the facebook event page.

HvZ Wiki Link:

Event Link:

Music Video Recap of the Summer 2011 Game


Introducing the newest Affiliate: Sly Dev Store


I’m proud to announce affiliation with an Australian Nerf site who’s been doing his own business thing for a bit. The Sly Dev store sells all sorts of quality Nerf things, from sights, to Jolt attachments, to tactical rail attachments, and more. All from the help of his 3D printer. So from the USA to Australia, we salute you and we are glad to be supporting each other in our future efforts.

PS: Look out for a review from me of some of his accessories in the future! Nerf articles talks about history & engineering, reveals small details on 2 future Nerf blasters

Nerf_toyfair_logo_1 just published a great article on the history of Nerf, and it also talked about Nerf engineering. However, it also revealed the names and small details on two new Nerf blasters due out next Fall. (2013)

“It can take up to two years to develop a blaster, so right now, even as the members of the Nerf team are amping up for 9/9/12, they’re also working on new blasters for 9/9/13 and 9/9/14.Several models to be introduced next fall are nearly finished—namely the Strife, a semiautomatic pistol, and the Ruff Cut, which is only the third blaster ever that’s capable of shooting two darts at the same time. In the Nerf conference room, Jablonski picks up a supposedly functional prototype of the Ruff Cut made of white epoxy resin: “Let’s see if she works.” He points it straight up and fires a couple of darts into the 30-foot-high rafters. They touch down in another office somewhere. Jablonski calls this “the funnest thing” about his job. “Just randomly shooting. Sometimes you hear a landing. Sometimes you hear a scream.”

So all in all,

Strife – Semiautomatic pistol
Ruff Cutt – Able to fire two darts at once

The “Strife” doesn’t sound like it will need priming nor batteries to be able to fire it. And the “Ruff Cut” sounds like a vintage Nerf blaster name, with an interesting feature. Maybe it’ll be a new Barrel Break of some sort, or will it be a newly designed blaster? We are still a ways off from Fall 2013, but if any other news is out there on this, I’ll be sure to report it to you guys. What do you think of the news, would you buy these blasters based off features alone? Be sure to leave a comment so that we can talk about it. Article here

Help California Airsoft & Nerf Players stop SB1315

Posted on the Nerf Facebook. A very similar bill was passed around last summer as well, called SB798. What this new bill and the bill last summer are basically saying is that the government would control the manufacturing of Airsoft in California. Also, imitation guns (aka Airsoft guns) would have to be painted bright colors.

This bill is based off an incident that occurred (can’t find a link at the moment) a couple of years ago. Cops were in a dark environment and some teens were acting shady. The cops tried to talk to them, but they ran off. One teen made a move towards his Airsoft gun, and the cop had to make a judgement call. The cop shot first, and it was later revealed that the teen only had an Airsoft gun. The bill is being passed to help protect officers in the field, but heres reasons why the bill isn’t too good.

– The above incident could have been avoided if the teens had just listened to the cops.
– Painting Airsoft guns the color of, say a toy gun, would make Airsoft less popular. Airsoft is what is used the most for military sims, and it’s most popular in Southern California.
– The bad guys could just paint their guns the color of the toy guns, and they would still be lethal.
– Federal controlled manufacturing would make lots of people lose their jobs.

NERF friends. Pay heed. This could affect those in California. Most people are upset that it will affect Airsoft. But if you read it, it covers TOY GUNS. Nerf could be covered by this bill. If you dont believe me read SB1315. Due to the clever all encompassing legalize, it lists TOY GUNS. Which could cover NERF.

SB1315 has passed the California Assembly and is now on the governor’s desk. There are only 8 more days for Governor Brown to sign the bill and pass it into law. WE HAVE NO TIME TO LOSE this could be signed anytime between now and the 24th SO DON’T WASTE A MOMENT AND CONTACT THE GOVERNOR NOW!
Please contact the California state governor and oppose to SB1315 today! Help us help you save Airsoft!

Have as many people as you know in CA call the governor’s office at (916) 445-284
1 (press 1 for English, then press 6 for a representative) and say: My name is _______, I am calling about SB1315 and I oppose it.

Also have them go to the governor’s website at: and fill in his/her name, email, choose SB1315 from the drop-down menu and press “submit”. This will take you to another page where you will select “CON” and write a message to the governor.

You can see the whole bill here.
Bullet points and basics here.

Introducting 2 new Affilates: Canberra & Southern NSW Dart Tag & Riverina Dart Tag

Canberra & Riverina Dart Tag join Urban Taggers and S.O.F.T. as my other Australian Nerf affiliates. For those who don’t know, Canberra is the capital of Australia. Riverina is to the east of Canberra. Both hold lots of Nerf Wars, Humans vs. Zombies games, and melee games. Their my first facebook affiliates, and their quite popular as well. Be sure to check their page for plenty of photos on their games and Nerf news! Give their pages a “like” and tell them I sent you their way.

Canberra & Southern NSW Dart Tag Facebook Page
Riverina Dart Tag

A Basic (Nerf) Poll vol. 2

Hey everyone, Jason here. I’m going to be a little bit busier these two upcoming weeks, due to summer school and preparing for my Camarillo Humans vs. Zombies game on July 20th. In the meantime, could you just take this small poll for me? Helping me pick what content to post should help everyone that views my blog. You can select multiple answers if you want to. Thanks for your time!