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3 On 1 Nerf Game (Commentary Video)

I just put up another video with commentary, although it’s not as much as the other videos. A guy on the other team has to take on 3 guys in this!
Other videos here.

Basic Nerf Alpha Trooper CS-18 Review (Write Up)

Heres the review of the Alpha Trooper CS-18 I promised you guys I would make. After my Saturday Nerf battles and my Sunday spent off recovering, I’m here to impart knowledge to you. After about 5 games of Nerf played, I came out learning more about the gun and myself.

Hit the jump to read more. I talk about it’s abilities, strengths, weakness and the overall uses of the blaster.
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Nerf Close Quarters Combat (Commentary Videos)

After posting the Making Of our Arena were here with the videos to show it in action. I’m commentating in these videos. These games took place I think late 2009 or very Early 2010, I’ll have to check again. Again, early videos I forgot to put up. After watching all those Modern Warefare 2 videos with commentary I decided it would be a good idea to commentate, just like in those videos. I’m the guy in the gray shirt in these videos. In the first video I pull off a headshot on my friend 11 seconds in the game, while in the second video it took me about 55 seconds to do the same thing.