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Dorm Labs Facebook Contest for Free Custom Made Nerf Tactical Foregrip


Dorm Labs is a sort of a new company, with not tooo much featured or news on the major Nerf blogs about them. They appeared online in June 2013, starting with GoPro attachments. Since then, they’ve added to their catalog with sights, optics, slings, pouches, foregrips, shirts, and even a tactical vest!

One of the best parts about their site so far, is the VERY reasonable prices for their items. I’ve also seen a few points online complimenting their product quality, and haven’t seen anything negative posted about them online so far. A friend of mine has their blaster holster and GoPro Rail Mount, and I can say that those products at the very least are well constructed.

For more details on how to enter their contest for a FREE Tactical Foregrip, make sure you have a Facebook account. Then, check below for the rest of the instructions.

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Nerfcast Episode 13: Peeks and Leaks May 2013

Josh and Shawn discuss recent leaked blasters, how they can change the game, and announce their Elite Alpha Trooper Give Away contest!

The Elite Alpha Trooper contest is ONLY open to USA Residents. But they talked a good amount about the Rapidstrike and Centurion in this episode, I’m almost always glad to hear my Nerf leak discussion. They talk details on how to enter the contest at the start, but for the contest to be open we have to get their Facebook page to 100 likes.

Adult Fans of Nerf – Spring Cleaning Giveaway Contest

My affiliate AFON is having a contest for 2 Rayven CS-18 blasters, 2 Lumitron Blasters, a SpeedSwarm, Stampede ECS, and a Super Soaker Lightning Storm. Watch the video or check their site for details on how to enter and win.