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Nerf Warfare: Saving Private Glendinning! (Foam Film)

A pretty cool Foam Film video I just discovered while browsing the Nerf Forums. It’s got action and sadness, pretty much the only two things you need nowadays to entertain me.

Bad Boys with Lethal Weapons in Rush Hour, Die Hard (Foam Film)

Detective Chan (Xin) and Detective Lee (Malay) are on a stake out investigating an arms deal. When the perpetrator arrives, the partners take the initiative to bring down the thugs themselves.

This has got to be one of the coolest foam films I’ve ever seen, featuring kung-fu,action movie cliches, and great shootouts. Be sure to check it out!

stevencaraher – Cold Nerf War Pt. 6 (Foam Film)

Nikolai, the NERF Captain, and the Polish Resistance have planned the assassination of Stalin for weeks. It is now time for them to take action, or else Stalin will control Poland and then make his move on the rest of the world. But Stalin and his forces discover the assassination plan, and in turn make a trap for the Polish Resistance. Will the Polish Resistance complete the mission and destroy Stalin once and for all, or will Stalin, the Lieutenant, and Borris outsmart their plot and take the world by storm?

Take the time and effort to watch this in high quality. Parts two and three below.
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