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The Electric Gun “Lightning”, Nerf Rayven knockoff (Photos)

The Electric Gun “Lightning”

Haha wow, this has gotta be one of the closet knockoffs to a products that I’ve ever seen. I spotted it on Taobao. I wonder if the motors are stronger then the Rayven’s?


How ever you more accessories with it then the normal Rayven. You can 20 darts, which are 10 Streamline looking darts, and 10 suction darts. The mag can only hold 12 darts, but it takes either of the kind of dart that came with it. The barrel attachment is a fun add on, and looks to be shorter then most N-Strike & N-Strike Elite barrel attachments. It also comes with sling, which is super handy when holding this blaster.

Theres no Firefly tech on the mag, but the logo they have on theres is awfully close to Nerf’s Firefly Tech logo. Once again, for more photos click here.


Target, Toys R Us & Walmart 2012–2013 Winter Online Nerf Listings, Triad looks like TRU exclusive

Photo thanks to SuperheatedSteam of Reddit.

In my attempt to see if any of the major USA retailers are selling exclusive store blasters, I figured I’d gather up all the online listings I could find. Also since we don’t really have a name for these batch of blasters, mags, and darts that just got released, I’ll just be sticking them in the “2012–2013 Winter release” category for now.

Vortex Diatron: DCPI 87-11-0308
N-Strike Elite Rough Cut 2×4: DCPI 087-11-0312
N-Strike Elite Stryfe: DCPI 087-11-0305
N-Strike Elite Rayven: DPCI 087-11-0307
Nerf Firefly Tech Kit DCPI 087-11-0309
Nerf N-Strike Firefly Mission Kit DPCI: 087-11-0310 (Also on sale right now, 10% off)
N-Strike Elite Tactical Vest DPCI: 087-11-0270
The Strongarm and Firestrike are also being sold at Target.

Toys R Us:
N-Strike Elite Rough Cut 2×4: UPC/EAN/ISBN: 653569784432
N-Strike Elite Stryfe: UPC/EAN/ISBN: 653569743354
N-Strike Elite Firestrike: UPC/EAN/ISBN: 653569720614
N-Strike Elite Rayven: UPC/EAN/ISBN: 653569779766
In Southern California, my friends have told me that they’ve seen the Strongarm and Triad for sale. I’ve also seen the Diatron for sale in Toys R Us. I’ve also seen the Firefly Mission Kit and “Elite Glow Darts” being sold.

N-Strike Elite Stryfe: Walmart No.: 550742135
Out of the new items, I’ve only managed to see the Firestrike so far at Walmart.

Amazon lists Vortex Firefly mag, Special Edition Elite Darts, Elite Glow Darts & Super Soaker Banana clip

The Nerf N-Strike Elite 12 Special Edition Elite Darts Pack, Blue

My goodness, seems like Nerf has got quite a bit planned for everyone these coming months. Amazon recently put up listing, photos, and product descriptions for some new Nerf ammo and clips. However, none of it is for sale on the site yet.

And yeah, gonna need some of those Elite Glow Darts ASAP. Thanks to Youtube user Nerf2me2 for sending the info!


Product Features:
Whether you are replenishing your stock or adding to your firepower; these Special Edition darts will set you apart from the competition ? and make you all the more dangerous in combat
Reload with this refill pack of 12 Elite Darts
Special Edition darts
Darts work with any N-Strike Elite and most original N-Strike blasters
Includes 12 Special Edition Elite Darts listing here.


Product Description:
Give yourself the edge in any battle with this 12-pack of Elite Darts. Make your mark with these Special Edition Elite Darts, which work with any N-Strike Elite and most original N-Strike blasters.

8175FrxCdIL._AA1500_ listing here.

Keep reading for photos and info on the Nerf Vortex Firefly Tech Kit, N-Strike Elite Firefly Mission Kit, N-Strike Elite: 12 Glow Darts Refill, and Nerf Super Soaker Banana clip Systerm Refill.

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Rayven CS-18 Basic Nerf Review (Write Up)


After about 5 months of this the Rayven being available to the USA public (about 3 for the worldwide audience) I finally take a look at a fairly new blaster. It’s part of Nerf’s new “Firefly Tech” series, whose lineup features the Rayven and Vortex Lumitron blasters. The Rayven CS-18 is a flywheel, battery powered blaster that comes with an 18 dart clip. Is this just another flywheel blaster, is the firefly tech just a gimmick? A lot of HvZ players are praising this, and could it’s role replace the Alpha Trooper’s? Check out the review for answers to those questions and more.

I would also just like to deeply thank Nerf for sending me two Rayven’s to review and keep. Thanks so much!
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The Rayven CS-18 Tenets (HvZ Forum Write Up)

Pic from the HvZ forums

Another solid read off the HvZ forums. Original topic is here.

After reading some of the other Tenets I thought I would do one on the Rayven. This is my first write up of this style so remember I am a bit of a n00b at this, but I can take criticism too.

Rayven Tenets

So you finally got a Rayven have you? Good, the Rayven can be a great addition to your arsenal but there are some things to remember when using the Rayven.

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Adult Fans of Nerf – Spring Cleaning Giveaway Contest

My affiliate AFON is having a contest for 2 Rayven CS-18 blasters, 2 Lumitron Blasters, a SpeedSwarm, Stampede ECS, and a Super Soaker Lightning Storm. Watch the video or check their site for details on how to enter and win.