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This Nerf Foam Film by RackaRacka Has Over The Top Action, Special Effects, and Stunts! (Video)


It’s been awhile since I’ve had the time to look for good Foam Films online, but this newer one by RackaRacka is quite something! Sure it’s got the usual gun sound effects for the blasters, but they sound good here. The cut cutting, extreme action will leave you engaged, and it’s special effects are both good & bad. I don’t want to spoil too much, but that’s part of the charm and humor of the video. There’s a few NSFW words thrown around a few times, but if you can look past that then it’s quite the great foam film.


Humans vs. Zombies Fan Fim – Rise of the Resistance (Episodes 1-3)

Episode 1: The Die Is Cast

In the final hours before the zombie apocalypse, Federal Agent Jon Blake is unexpectedly thrust into action to thwart a terrorist plot to unleash the deadly virus.

AgentJonnyB-Films has finally released the first 3 episodes of his web series “Rise of the Resistance”. Featuring many mentions to the HvZ game, this series has lots of action, a bit of a complicated plot at the start, quick video editing, and a bit of a dark sense of humor. It’s a very entertaining series to watch, and it hyped me up to play Humans vs. Zombies. If you want to watch the other two episodes, I’be embedded them below. Look out for more HvZ videos and episodes to his series in the future!

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AgentJonnyBFilms – Nerf Humans vs. Zombies Webseries Trailer

AgentJonnyBFilms is back with a trailer for their newest webseries, coming in December.

AgentJonnyBFilms has just released a new trailer with RELEASE DATES for that Humans vs Zombies movie/webseries they’ve been working on for quite some time – if you’re familiar with his past trailers, you’ll probably really like this one! With over 120 students and MULTIPLE schools involved, looks like we’re in for a real treat this December!

You can check them out on Facebook here.

Jangular Productions – Hammershot Showdown (Foam Film)

A couple of the members of Bay Area Nerf got together to shoot this short film featuring the new Zombie Strike Hammershot blasters. I wasn’t expecting how this was going to turn out and got a laugh out of it. Thanks to Bay Area Nerf for the heads up.

FinalCutKing – The Candy Cartels (Foam Film)

Nerf War with the Candy Cartels! This is no regular Nerf Gun Battle, this is a nerf fight with the Candy Cartels! Thanks for sharing this video! Since we are on a roadtrip around the USA, 90% of this video was created in a moving car and the other 10% was done in fast food restaurants.

Haha, I’ve never drawn the connection between a drug cartel and candy, but they pull it off fairly well here. If your into good camera work and effects, then you’ll like this latest Foam Film from FinalCutKing of youtube.

The Great Nerf War: Almost Ghost (Foam Film)

Season 2 (Episode 5 – PART I of II)
To the Belligerwitch’s surprise, the 59th Peace-Bull Company attack in the most unexpected place – their base lounge. With the reunion of 1st Lt. Baineswolf (watch “Snowball Brawl”), they’re determined to steal back their Hail-Fire. Commander Nhine may have been caught off guard but if he has it his way, they won’t escape! Surprises are a plenty in this action-packed part I of II season two finale!

Saulsbury St Studios are back with their latest episode! If you’ve been watching, you’ll know another quality video is awaiting your viewing pleasure.