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Basic Nerf Sept. 15, 2013 Church War Gameplay Videos

Back in September 2013, I had posted on Instagram with the above photo and teased that I would be hosting a Nerf War at that new church location. And today, I’ve finally uploaded and complied the gameplay videos for you all to watch on the blog. Check the rest of the post for a description on the rules and some of the things going on in the videos. I use the Rapidstrike CS-18 as my primary for all these games.

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Pharrell Williams – Happy (Nerf War Edition)

Here’s my attempt to jump on the “Happy train”. I did two takes, and included video from the second into the first take a bit. Nerf is something that makes me happy. What makes you happy?

Basic Nerf’s Indoor/Outdoor Church War Videos (6/23/13)

Indoor/Outdoor Nerf War TDM – RushRushRush (Game 1) (Stryfe Masterkey Gameplay)
Game 1 from this play session. I tried some new things like a Hit Point counter and player hit indicators so that you can hopefully follow along more easier. Please leave a comment telling me what you think about these things!

I’m back to uploading Nerf War videos folks. If your familiar with my videos, you’ll see this is the same church that I’ve played in before. But it’s a little different from my previous games/videos because in these, for the first time ever, I’ve opened up some of the doors. This allows for another dimension to the game, since there’s both inside and outside.

This was my last session of games in which the Stryfe Masterkey was my main primary blaster, so look out for plenty of Rapidstrike gameplay in the future. Also, this was the day after I had received my Mega Centurion blaster sample, so look out for a bit of gameplay with it in the videos below.

Indoor/Outdoor Nerf War TDM – Covering Our Corner (Game 2) (Stryfe Masterkey Gameplay)
Game 2 from this play session. I tried some new things like a Hit Point counter and player hit indicators so that you can hopefully follow along more easier. Please leave a comment telling me what you think about these things!

Head down below to see 5 more different gameplay videos.
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The Basic Nerf 2012 Nerf War/HvZ/Melee Battle Recap Video

Well it took me a couple of months, but I finally finished my recap video! This video is made up of almost 100 percent Nerf War videos shot with a GoPro Hero2. The clips were recorded from June until December. In this video you’ll see Stampede, Rampage, Rayven, Pyragon, Snapfire 8, Hail-Fire, Alpha Trooper, Retaliator, and many more blasters being used by myself and others. You’ll also see head shots, dodging, rushing, diving, a couple of melee attacks, and a couple of funny moments. I would love to tell you more, but I feel like I’ve spoiled the video enough. Please let me know what you think of it!

Indoor Nerf War Session Recap Post (Photos & Videos) (Feb 17, 2013)

A group shot of the players, minus me, after the games.

So I know this posted is going up a bit late, but better later then never as some say. On this Sunday, I invited some friends over to play indoors at my church for some Nerf action. Plenty of close quarters fast paced action. I used the Elite Rayven and Stryfe through the day.

My first ever timelapse, Setting Up for a Day of Nerf

Here’s the gameplay videos that I got of the day and my input/mini commentary on each game.

TDM – 5 Outs & 3 Headshots (Elite Rayven 8.4v) (Game 1)

Our team gets great position early, and I manage to get 5 different people out, 3 of them on headshots. Our team didn’t get anyone out toooo early, and stayed pretty focused in staying alive and holding position.

TDM – Losing Position (Rayven 12.6v) (Game 1 Alternate Angle)

I strapped on my spare GoPro to an certain buddy of mine. She’s play in a couple of day long HvZ games, but never in a Nerf War. It’s interesting to see how composed she was, but she seemed to get a big case of tunnel vision and I manage to take advantage of an error of her’s to end the game.

Nerf War TDM – Staring Down the Enemy (Stryfe 8.4v) (Game 2)

I switch to the Stryfe for the next couple of games. We rush and grab a pivotal position, and then spit out a bunch of foam at the other team when they get out in the open. Indoor games can go downhill fast.

That awkward moment when….

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WWU Humans vs. Zombies Building Clear, Winter 2012 (Video)

Building Clear 2013: First Team of the Night

WWU’s 3rd HvZ Building Clear, Winter 2013. This is the forth group of survivors to attempt to clear the inside of the Cerulean BioTechnologies bunker…

FYI: There is a ton of swearing :P

I believe the WWU stands for Western Washington University. Their Humans vs. Zombies Winter 2012 game was located in doors. Winter in Washington can be a bit harsh, so they hosted it in doors away from the elements. They sent teams through in a role playing sort of fashion game. The moderators and organizers did a REALLY good job setting this all up. You can tell that they worked hard on this. I’m not going to spoil anything except to say that I like the “First Team” video vs. the Forth Team’s video. Be sure to leave them comments letting them know what you think!

Building Clear 2013: Forth Team to Go Through

Basic Nerf Indoor Nerf War Session 11/17/12


On the rainy night of November 17, 2012, some friends and I packed ourselves into an indoor building for some Nerf Games! I invited some members of the Norwalk Nerf League to come over and play again. There was a total of about 20 people playing,

Feel free to check out all the screen caps here, or keep scrolling the posts for a couple favorites of mine, along with the GoPro Nerf War footage I captured.


Rampage Gameplay/Rushing! (Game 1)
I’ve had a couple of people ask me to use the Rampage in a game, so here it is!
Had problems with it jamming up on older Streamline darts for some reason. But when it was working, it reminded me a lot of the Raider.

Getting ready before the first game with everyone participating.

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